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Starting in November 2018, reviews for Feature Author books will no longer be within the feature. The reviews will be in the review section in the magazine. Not all Feature Author books will be reviewed within the same issue as the feature. 

Uncaged Feature Authors: Featured authors is a free promo service for authors in Uncaged. The only requirements to become a featured author:

1) You haven’t been a featured author in the past 2 years.

2) Even though it is not guaranteed that Uncaged will be able to review all books for a feature author, the author must be willing to send a book to Uncaged as we will do our best to review it in time for the feature

3) Authors must have a book that released within the past year, or a new book releasing around the time of the feature.

Feature Author’s books may or may not be reviewed in the same issue, and will not automatically go to the Tier 1 review lists, but to Tier 2. 

Tier 1 books will remain on the lists for up to 12 months. If it is not chosen in that time frame, it will be removed.

Genres for Feature Authors will be limited in each issue. For example, if I have two Contemporary Romance authors one month, I will not accept more of that genre for that month, they will be moved off into different months. This is to ensure that there are authors represented from assorted genres in each issue.

Uncaged will keep varied genres in each issue, with the exceptions of  October (Horror month) and December (Holiday month).

If you want to be considered for a Feature, please email me at
After your feature is reserved, you will receive a custom interview and an Author Information Sheet showing what I need for your feature. You must also be willing to send along a book for review. The reviews will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads, and within the magazine and website and given the same treatment as all reviews.

If an author has been a featured author in the past, Uncaged will not feature that same author again for at least 2 years. Uncaged will however be open to running a Catch-up promo. 

 Uncaged will not publish a Feature Author without an excerpt from a book. If the excerpt is not received in time for publishing, the Feature will be pushed out to a future date. The excerpt must be at least a page or two, up to a full chapter. Thank you for the cooperation.

Feature Author Issue Status: 
9 slots per month


May – FULL
June – FULL
July – FULL
August – 4 slots open
September – 4 slots open
October – 2 slots open
November – 4 slots open
December – 4 slots open

Short Story Submissions:

Authors: if you’d like to submit a short story for an upcoming issue of Uncaged, upon approval of the story, I will promote up to 3 of your books (or what fits on one full page, or a full page ad, designed by you or by Uncaged at no additional charge) and website links after the short story, or I’ll give you a 1-page Sneak Peek of a book – your choice. Short stories must be PG-PG13 rated to be published because of Issuu’s policies. Please email at If the story is longer, I may split it into multiple months.

Short Story Issue Status: (2 slots per month)

All slots open, May-December.

Requested Reviews Information: If you’d like to submit a book to be reviewed here at Uncaged, please email us at

We will try to get most books reviewed in an acceptable timeline, but it’s not guaranteed. If you have a release date you’d like the book review to coincide with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Reviews from Uncaged will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as being in Uncaged Book Reviews magazine. If an author wants it posted elsewhere, please contact us. Reviews and the magazine will also be posted to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Triberr for maximum exposure. The magazine will be blasted also through Pinterest, LinkedIn and Issuu. If the book also receives a 4 Star review or higher, it will appear on Uncaged’s blog.

    • If a book gets 4 1/2 Stars or better, it will go up on Bookbub as a recommendation.
    • We will not be overly critical, bashing of authors/publishers will not be tolerated. But we will stand by our reviews, whether it’s 3 stars or 5 stars
    • There is no fee to reviewing books.
    • We accept hard copy print book (email me for details), mobi or PDF formats.
    • Tier 2 reviews will remain on the lists for 6 months. If they are not chosen by a reviewer in that time frame, they will be removed. An author can re-submit at any time. This does not apply to Tier 1 reviews.
    • If the book receives a 4 Star review or better, it will be automatically eligible for semi-finals of The Raven Awards. Read more about that here.

Privacy Policy: Uncaged will not share or sell any author or reader emails. Emails are never collected during the Raven Awards voting.

Readers: If you would like to read and review for Uncaged, please email me at At this time, there are no “paid” positions for reviewing, although the book will be supplied from Uncaged.

Reviewers for Uncaged


Owner of Uncaged Book Reviews. I live in Wisconsin on a small farm and own goats, horses, dogs, cats and reptiles. I love to ride my horses, tend a vegetable garden in the summer and can and preserve the harvest for winter and of course read. Reading preferences: will read most anything – top favorites are Urban Fantasy, Historical and Paranormal with a good splash of romance.


Paranormal, high fantasy, horror, dystopian, urban fantasy, scifi


Melanie owns and operates Fang Freakin’ Tastic Reviews. Specializing in Horror and Paranormal, her blog is in its 5th year and still going strong. She has recently started offering author services as well.
Outside of her blog, Melanie is married and mother to 3 demon spawn ages 17, 10 and 3. In her free time (ha) she enjoys obsessing over Travis Barker of Blink 182, catching more fish than her husband, saying bad words, and helping authors with whatever she can.  She also enjoys spending time on the beaches near her home in central Florida with a good book in one hand and a cold drink in the other.


B. A. Mealer is an author and a traveler. She loves to read everything from children’s book to the heavy literary tomes from those who write like James Michener. A good story which is well written will keep her turning pages. After retiring from her job as a nurse, she has been scoping out sites for new novels and verifying places in those she has written while spending time writing and reading in the evenings. She reads as much to check out her competition as for enjoyment.


I live in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a century-old mountain cottage with a menagerie of rescued pets and way too many houseplants. In addition to reading, I enjoy gardening, painting, word-find puzzles, exploring the natural beauty around my home, and gathering with friends. I also professionally pet sit/ dog walk and write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
My reading preferences are eclectic. I like contemporary romance featuring small towns, siblings, and/or set at the water (bonus if all three are in one story!). I prefer clean & wholesome stories both in language and subject matter. I am mad for Inspirational stories, time travel (especially around the 1800’s era) and shape shifting. I am a sucker for stories that feature people meeting any kind of physical challenge. I also enjoy women’s fiction, anything with animals central to the plot, and mild suspense.