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Uncaged Feature Authors:

Featured authors is a free promo service for authors in Uncaged. The only requirements to become a featured author, is that 1) Uncaged has read at least one of your books (if Uncaged has not read and reviewed one yet, you’ll need to send a copy for review for the feature), and  2) You promote the eMag on your social networks. After your book is read, and the issue for your feature is reserved, you will receive a custom interview and an Author Information Sheet showing what I need for your feature.Hopefully, a painless process! Thank you!

Feature Author Issue Status: (7 slots per month – between May – September there are only 6 slots per month)

August 2017, Issue 13 – FULL
September 2017, Issue 14 – FULL
October 2017 – FULL
November 2017 – 2 slots open
December 2017 – 5 slots open (Holiday reads would be pretty cool here)


Short Story Submissions:

Authors: if you’d like to submit a short story for an upcoming issue of Uncaged, upon approval of the story, I will promote up to 3 of your books (or what fits on one full page, or a full page ad, designed by you or by Uncaged at no additional charge) and website links after the short story, or I’ll give you a 1-page Sneak Peek of a book – your choice. Short stories must be PG-PG13 rated to be published because of Issuu’s policies. Please email at

Short Story Issue Status: (3 slots per month)

August 2017 – 1 slot open

Requested Reviews Information:

Review submissions are CLOSED temporarily until we clear off our lists. You can still submit and they will be added to the lists when we reopen the submissions again. This does NOT affect Feature Authors books at all.

If you’d like to submit a book to be reviewed here at Uncaged, please email us at

1) We will try to get most books reviewed in an acceptable timeline, but it’s not guaranteed. If you have a release date you’d like the book review to coincide with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

2) Reviews from Uncaged will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as being in Uncaged Book Reviews magazine. If an author wants it posted elsewhere, please contact us. Reviews and the magazine will also be posted to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Triberr for maximum exposure. The magazine will be blasted also through Pinterest, LinkedIn and Issuu. If the book also receives a 4 Star review or higher, it will appear on Uncaged’s blog.

3) We will not be overly critical, bashing of authors/publishers will not be tolerated. But we will stand by our reviews, whether it’s 3 stars or 5 stars.

4) There is no fee to reviewing books.

5) We accept hard copy print book (email me for details), mobi or PDF formats.

Readers: If you would like to read and review for Uncaged, please email me at

At this time, there are no “paid” positions for reviewing, although the book will be supplied from Uncaged.

 Top Reviewers for the July 2017 issue of Uncaged Book Reviews

Cyrene – 21 books reviewed
Jennifer – 14 books reviewed

Reviewer’s Preferences:

Cyrene:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Historical, Western, Dystopian, Young Adult – prefer to have some romantic elements if not a romance.

Kaitlin:  Most genre’s except Historical, Contemporary, Mystery, Erotica.

Jennifer:  Most anything.




Book Blogs: If you’d like to partner with Uncaged, and have your own review section please contact Uncaged. The only requirement is to send a minimum of 3 book reviews per month. Links will be in your section and banners placed in the magazine and on the main blog.