Raven Awards – 2018 Winners


2018 Raven Awards

To be eligible, books must have been reviewed by Uncaged (not affiliates) and received at least a 4 Star review between the months of July, 2017 to June, 2018

Contemporary Romance

Winner: A Groom for Mama by Catherine Castle
Runner-up: Chaos at Coconuts by Beth Carter

Contemporary Music/Rockstar

Winner: Can’t Stop the Music by C.D. Hersh
Runner-up: Running from a Rock Star by Jami Albright

Contemporary Sports/Western

Thin Ice by J.S. Marlo
Runner-up: Broken Dreams by Melissa Keir

Historical Regency

Winner: The Wallflower’s Wicked Wager by Collette Cameron
Runner-up: The Reluctant Wife by Caroline Warfield

Historical Western/19th-20th Century

Winner: West of Forgotten by Lynda J. Cox
Runner-up: The Substitute Wife by CiCi Cordelia

Historical Medieval/Highlander

Winner: Godspeed by Kathryn Le Veque
Runner-up: Isle of the Blessed by Suzan Tisdale

Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Winner: Garden of Light by Meara Platt
Runner-up: Druid’s Portal by Cindy Tomamichel

Paranormal Romance

Winner: Fire Born by Rayanne Haines
Runner-up: Sweet Sacrifice by L.D. Rose


Winner: Tempting the Light by Bonnie Gill
Runner-up: Sweet Vengeance by Aliya DalRae

Urban Fantasy

Winner: Black Bullet by L.D. Rose
Runner-up: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Need by Deborah Wilde


Winner: River City Dead by Nancy G. West
Runner-up-Tie: The Tale of a Rough Diamond by P.J. Mann &
The Front Range Butcher by R. Weir

Romantic Suspense

Winner: Missing My Heart by Tina Susedik
Runner-up: Loving a Hero by Cheryl Yeko

Horror/Psychological Thriller

Winner: Witch Hunter by J.Z. Foster
Runner-up – Tie: Fireflies of the Dead by Eric Kapitan &
The Coffin: The Scarry Inn by Shirley McCann

Science Fiction

Winner: To Discover a Divine by Tessa McFionn
Runner-up: Another Time by Donna Steele

Young Adult Contemporary/Thriller

Winner: The Vestige by Caroline George
Runner-up: Lovely Scars by Cassandra Jamison

Young Adult Fantasy

Winner: See by Lee Ann Ward
Runner-up: Maiden by C.L. Marin


Winner: Sin With Me by J.A. Huss and Jonathan McClain
Runner-up: The Gentlemen’s Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


Winner: Building a Christmas by Patricia Bond
Runner-up: A Secret Scottish Christmas by Regan Walker

Novella/Short Story

Winner: Esther, An Easter Bride by Hildie McQueen
Runner-up: Madison’s Mobster by Ginger Ring


Winner: Morgan D’Arcy, A Vampyre Rhapsody by Linda Nightingale
Runner-up: Madame Scarlet’s Carnival by Various


Winner: Lure of the Dragon by Anna Lowe
Runner-up: The Wallflower’s Wicked Wager by Collette Cameron