Raven Awards Eligible – 2019

February 2019

Captain’s Lady – Jamaila Brinkley
Tangled Up In You – Lara Ward Cosio
The Pink Rose of the Prairie – Ginger Ring
Rainbows in the Moonlight – Ryan Jo Summers
K: The Awakening – K.R. Fajardo
Fallen Academy: Year Two – Leia Stone
Dark Steel – Kathryn Le Veque
Grimm – Shayne Silvers
Burn the Dead – Stephen Jenkins
Cryptofauna – Patrick Canning
Resurgence – S. Usher Evans
Betting on Cinderella – Petie McCarty
Siren’s Curse – Carly Fall
Notes from Hell – Rachel Bukeys
Hotter than the Caribbean – Stacy Hoff
Only a Duke Would Dare – Collette Cameron
Blood is Thicker – Orlando A. Sanchez
Scottish Devil – Tammy Andresen
Legends of Persia – Jennifer Macaire
The Scandalous Inheritance – Nancy Smith Gibson
Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon – Linda Rae Sande
Ian – Lily Baldwin
Pearls of Fire – Meara Platt
Raking the Ashes – Kait Gamble

January 2019

Murder is a Dirty Business – Tricia L. Sanders
Seeking Perfect – Jeri Bronson
Demon Child – Kat Cotton
The Scent of White Lilacs – Jessie Salisbury
Owned by the Marine – Renee Rose
Better Together – Annalisa Carr
Oath of a Warrior – Mary Morgan
The Storm Within – Cerian Hebert
Gravestones & Wicked Bones – Miers & Knox
Twerk – Isobel Blackthorn
Full Moon Howl – Orlando A. Sanchez
Seven Hot Nights in Greece – Rose Lange

December 2018

Blending In – R.J. Blain
A Regency Yuletide – Becky Lower
A Must for Christmas – Deborah Garland
Holiday Heart – T.M. Cromer
A Charlie Browne Christmas – Laurie Baxter
Seductive Surrender – Collette Cameron
Destroying Dominic – Ginger Ring
The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool – James Alan Ross
Tombyards & Butterflies – Orlando A. Sanchez
Dark Moon – Kathryn Le Veque
Love Blooms Collection – M. Kay Klevenss
No Tomorrow – Carian Cole
Playing Defense – Aven Ellis
Dirty Like Me – Jaine Diamond

November 2018

Remnants – Kim Loraine
Blood Debts – Shayne Silvers
Victorian Town – Nancy Thorne
Blood and Holy Water – Joynell Schultz
My Sister and I – Sean Paul-Thomas
Kade – DeAnn Smallwood
The Space Between Worlds – J. Conrad
The Demon Lord – Nikki Frank
Bewitching the Beast – Tamara Hughes
When Planets Fall – Abby J. Reed
Children of Poseidon: Damnamenos – Annalisa Carr
Flower Readings – Lilliana Rose
Oceanside – Michelle Mankin
The Summer of New Beginnings – Bette Lee Crosby
Down to You – Jayne Frost
The Dance Hall Wife – Cici Cordelia
The Light of Redemption – Natalie J. Damschroder
Running from the Law – Jami Albright

October 2018

Warm – Eric Kapitan
Gilchrist – Christian Galacar
Magic Born – Rayanne Haines
The Tide – Anthony J. Melchiorri
Red Sky – Ben Archer
Dark Child of Forever – S.K. Ryder
End Time – Daniel Greene
Dead Woods – Daniel Parsons
The Hex Files – Gina LaManna
Dragon’s Heart – Eden Ashe
Finding Faith – April A. Luna
Collected Halloween Shorts – Various
The Dragon’s Flame – Karin Shah
The Tome – Troy Christensen
Fallen Academy: Year One – Leia Stone
Shade – Mere Joyce
The Unexpected Wife – Caroline Warfield

September 2018

The Duke’s Scottish Lass – Tammy Andresen
The Partnership – Charlotte Penn Clark
Far Cry From the Turquoise Room – Kate Rigby
Becker Circle – Addison Brae
Stolen Birthright – JB Woods
Black Cat Security – Katerina Ross
Obsidian Son – Shayne Silvers
Kissed Anthology – Various
Save the Date – Aven Ellis
Consumed – J.R. Ward
Dangerous Conjurings – Anne Armistead
Resolution – Kim Loraine
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Fall – Deborah Wilde
Passion and Plunder – Collette Cameron
Reunion – Rebecca Massey McTavish
Deadly Darkness – Victoria Zak
A Fierce Wind – Regan Walker
Nightwalker – Allyson James
Violet Abyss – Suzanne M. Sabol

August 2018

Cassie Scot – Christine Amsden
Dirty – Rose Wulf
Sudden Secrets – C. Lee McKenzie
Highland Secrets – Elizabeth Rose
Lady and the Wolf – Elizabeth Rose
The Scene – R.M. Gilmore
His to Hold – Jessie Pinkham
Sea of Darkness – Brown & Hamilton
The Girl Who Knew DaVinci – Belle Ami
Something Chosen – Alex Owens
To Fight the Black Wind – Jennifer Brozek
Raven Thrall – J. Elizabeth Vincent
A Journey Home – Angela Scavone
Once Upon a Lady – Addie Jo Ryleigh
High Warrior – Kathryn Le Veque
Escaping from Ruby’s Ranch – Rhonda Frankhouser
The Legacy of Old Gran Parks – Isobel Blackthorn
A Perilous Pursuit – Diane Gilmore
Mountain of the Dead – Jeremy Bates
The Rose Thief – Claire Buss

July 2018

Wicked Descent – YA/Paranormal by Scarlet Kol
Cursed – YA/Paranormal by Trakena Prevost
Red – Paranormal – Tara Vasser
In Fair Brighton – Contemporary-Mafia Romance by Elena Kincaid
Love on the Line – Contemporary Romance by Laura M. Baird
Claimed by the Gods – Fantasy Romance – by Eva Chase
No Coming Back – Contemporary Romance by Jessie Salisbury
Highland Faith – Historical Highlands by Madelyn Hill
Redemption – Contemporary Romance by Kim Loraine
Fallen Angel – Fantasy Novella by J.L. Meyers
Tempting Fate – Historical Victorian by Michelle Jean Marie
Fire in Ice – YA/Paranormal by Jennifer DiGiovanni
Make Me a Match – Contemporary Romance by Mackenzie Lucas