Health Nut Cafe
Rhonda Frankhouser

Imagine recognizing someone you’ve never seen before… 

Becka Clemmons’ one true passion is running the Health Nut Café. Awakened every morning by the same nightmare, Becka sees the world through tainted eyes. She’s never believed in fairytale romances until Jonathan Parker walks through the café door one cool, foggy morning. She struggles to understand why this familiar stranger makes her crave things she’s never craved. Solving the mystery of Jonathan is the first thing that has ever taken her focus away from her café. 

Imagine missing someone you’ve never met… 

Jonathan Parker is the idealistic son of old money who knows exactly what he wants. Day after day, he searches to find the missing connection that eludes him, until the morning he lays eyes on Becka. He knows his search is over but the struggle to make her believe has just begun. From that moment, he works to prove to Becka that they belong together. 

Will Becka let herself believe? Will Jonathan’s family ruin their chance at love?

Uncaged Review: Imagine missing someone you don’t know or recognizing someone you’ve never met.

This story was quite entertaining! Becka Clemmons main focus in life is The Health Nut Cafe. Suffering from nightmares, she doesn’t view the world like others do but when she meets Jonathan Parker things in her life begin to change dramatically. Jonathan himself, feels a pull to Becka that he cannot explain. As the two of them struggle to deal with their attraction to one another they must also overcome Jonathan’s family and Becka’s refusal to believe in something she doesn’t understand. This story offers a bit of everything as you find yourself rooting for Becka and Jonathan and their love. Reviewed by Rena

4 Stars