Requested Reviews


Requested Reviews

Requested Reviews: books sent in by authors or publishers that are looking for reviews – “in process” means a reviewer is reading the book right now, once they are finished and the review sent in, the book gets moved to the Read section under the issue it’s scheduled for.

Reviews are prioritized into Tiers. The first level, Tier 1, are the priority reviews for authors and/or publishers that have supported Uncaged with either ad purchases in the magazine, or have shared Uncaged extensively on their networks. The reviews can be adjusted at any time. At this time, there are 2 Tiers, with the possibility of going to 3 Tiers in the future if needed. Please email if you have any questions.

Tier 2 books remain on the lists for 6 months. If the book has not been chosen in that time frame, it will be removed. The book can be re-submitted by the author. This does not apply to Tier 1.

All reviews from Uncaged will be posted at Amazon and Goodreads.

Apologies, but we are not reviewing non-fiction and children’s books at this time.

Wait time for reviews status, based on list lengths (will be highlighted):

Our current status is RED

Red: Could be long wait time
Yellow: Wait times are slower
Green: Quick turnaround

Authors please note: If your book has been on the list for over 6 months and hasn’t been requested by a reviewer, the book will be removed, this applies to Tier 2 only.

* = future featured author normally read by Cyrene

Contemporary - Tier 1 Reviews

A Time for Love in Paris
(in process)
Time TravelKim Hotzon
(in process)
Western ContemporaryDeAnn Smallwood
The Scent of White Lilacs
(in process)
Romance Jessie Salisbury
Better Together RomanceAnnalisa Carr
Playing Defense Sports RomanceAven Ellis
The Rancher’s Conditions Western ContemporaryRod Chapman
Brewed for LoveRomantic ComedyLeigh Raffaele
Hotter Than The CaribbeanRomanceStacy Hoff
Betting on CinderellaRomancePetie McCarty
Instant Enticement RomanceSamanthya Wyatt
A Total MismatchRomanceMadelaine Grant
Love's HarvestRomanceGwen Overland
Rainbows in the MoonlightRomanceRyan Jo Summers
Joshua’s WishRomanceR.S. Chapman
Free My HeartWestern RomanceGwen Overland
Seeking PerfectYA/ContemporaryJeri Bronson
Love’s HarvestRomanceGwen Overland
Bacon PieYA/RomanceCandace Robinson , Gerardo Delgadillio
Fresh Start
(releases Summer 18)
RomancePatrice Locke
Stars Over TexasWestern RomanceTessa Gray
Love, Music, MadnessRomanceTabitha Rhys
Prentis PrideRomanceM. Kay Kleven
Here or ThereRomanceR.S. Chapman
Sea Lust
(in process)
RomanceJoy Smith
The Crown PrincessRomanceKathleen Samuels
The Ruby KnotRomanceJane L. Josephs
Superhero HighYA/ContemporaryT. H. Hernandez
Seven Hot Nights in GreeceRomanceRose Lange
(in process)
RomanceKim Loraine
Fresh StartRomantic ComedyPatrice Locke
Par for CinderellaSports RomancePetie McCarty
A Bit of KissingYA/ContemporaryJon Ripslinger
Burning BritelyYA/ContemporaryDeidre Huesman
Katie and the CowboyWestern ContemporaryCarol Lee Mahler
In Love with the EnemyRomanceR.S. Chapman
Love Blooms CollectionRomance AnthologyM. Kay Kleven

Contemporary - Tier 2 Reviews

The Summer of New Beginnings
(in process)
Women's FictionBette Lee Crosby
Where I'll Find You
(Releases May 15)
New Adult RomanceJ.A. Owenby
The Sterling University SeriesContemporary (3 novellas in one)Rebecca Heflin
Driving on the LeftContemporaryGail Olmsted
Lucky StarYA/ContemporaryHolly Curtis
From My BalconyContemporaryPatricia Bond
Bad Night StandContemporaryElise Faber
To LoveRomanceLaura Scott
Don't Let Me GoYAJamila Mikhail
Love on Lido KeyRomanceMeg West
Firefighters of Station #8
ContemporarySamanthya Wyatt
Leading HandContemporary WesternStella Knights
Taken OutbackContemporary WesternStella Knights
Managed CareContemporary/HumorJoe Barrett
Tiny Pieces
(releases Oct 2)
ContemporaryStephanie Henry
The PlatformPolitical/NovellaAlex Bernstein
Hustle the EastFiction/RomanceMark Tawen
Without A FightYoung Adult FictionAnnie Goodson
My Italian GirlRomance, Family SagaDD Teller
Three Bonds Unbrokenfiction, family sagaTerez Peipins
Thou Shalt LoveAfrican American, Romance, borders on EroticaSianah Nalika DeShield
Where Do the Children Play?Older level YA/Adult Tom Evans


Historical - Tier 1 Reviews

The Draig’s Wife Time Travel/MedievalLisa Dawn Wadler
The Irish TempestRomanceElizabeth J. Sparrow
Maybe This Time20th Century/Time TravelSusan B. James
Scandal’s ChildRegencyPamela Gibson
The Scandalous Inheritance20th CenturyNancy Smith Gibson
Hemlock and HoneyHighlandsElizabeth Preston
Captain’s LadyRegencyJamaila Brinkley
Stormy Hawkins Historical WesternAna Morgan
Three Lessons in SeductionRegencySofie Darling
Seduced by the Dandy LionRegency Suzanne Quill
The Devil of DunmoorRegencyMeggan Connors
Thistles and ThieveHighlanderElizabeth Preston
Highland WishTime TravelColleen MacGregor
Fool’s GoldHistorical WesternCari Davis
Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western NovelWesternDavid Sharp
Tempted by the ViscountHistorical RegencySofie Darling
Not a Husband in Sight20th CenturyNancy Smith Gibson
Victorian Town19th CenturyNancy Thorne
BittersweepHistorical WesternWareeze Woodson
Cherished Wings20th Century RomanceTracey L. Dragon
The Lady’s DesireHistorical RegencyAudrey Abbott
Redemption of the ShrewHistorical RegencyBarbara Monajem
Only You: Duke of Rutland Series IIIHistorical RegencyElizabeth St. Michel
Blue Bloods of Bois D'Arc: Last Generation20th CenturyDick Brown

Historical - Tier 2 Reviews

Sheriff and Priest: Wimer the ChaplainReligiousNicky Moxey
Red Clay, Yellow Grass1960's/PoliticalRichard Barager
Where the Viscount Met His MatchRegencyTabetha Waite
When a Duke Pursues a LadyRegencyTabetha Waite
Bound to MoroccoLeslie Hachtel
A Perfect BrideHistorical Western NovellaGinny Sterling
Beneath the Same StarsHistorical/Military/WarPhyllis Cole-Dai
Undone by the EarlHistorical RegencyElizabeth Rue
Mabel of the AnzacsYoung Adult HistoricalMary D. Brooks
The Deadliest FeverHistorical MysteryJune Trop
Winds of Change 20th Century Jo Adams McAuley
Speaking EasyHistorical RomanceJaime W. Powell
The Dane LawHistoricalGarth Pettersen
The Thread of DestinyRegencyJane Lark
The Lure of a PoetRegencyJane Lark


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

The Storm Within
(in process)
RomanceCerian Hebert
The Dragon's FlameShiftersKarin Shah
Courting MidnightShiftersTrinity Blake
Finding FaithParanormal RomanceApril Luna
Living the DreamShiftersLarynn Ford
Taxing CourtshipParanormal RomanceJaycee Jarvis
EmergenceParanormal SuspenseCamille Faye
An Angel's Unintentional EntanglementParanormalTena Stetler
Bewitching the BeastParanormalTamara Hughes

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Tier 2 Reviews

Return to Bloodmoon Manor
ParanormalKaren Wiesner
Reaper - Birds of a Feather (Book 5 - can be read as standalones)YA/Paranormal elementsLena North
Blood Crescent
(releases Sept. 21)
YA/ParanormalS.M. McCoy
Crow's RestNew Adult/Urban FantasyAngelica R. Jackson
(in process)
YA/ParanormalMere Joyce
ResurgenceUrban FantasyS. Usher Evans
Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series, Book 5: ReunitedParanormal Karen Wiesner
InhospitableGhostsMarshall Moore
(releases Oct)
YA/FantasyAlex Dunn
The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool: Whispers in Black Willow
(releases Aug)
ParanormalJames Alan Ross
Deadly Rising
(Releases Oct)
ParanormalJeri Westerson
Emma With Something ExtraParanormal/YAPamela Wood-Jackson
Debriefing the DeadParanormal/GhostsKerry Blaisdell
Rebellion RebornUrban FantasyBrian S. Leon
The CottageParanormalSarah Winter
Never AgainParanormalAlyse Nennig
Awakening the TrinitySupernaturalBrittany Elise
Running from DemonsParanormalM. K. Theodoratus
Curse of the SeaUrban FantasyJoni Parker
Dead SchoolYA/Paranormal Laura Gia West

Thriller/Horror Tier 1 Reviews


Thriller/Horror Tier 2 Reviews

Shattered DreamsDark Fantasy/EpicUlff Lehmann
PurgatoriumPsychological ThrillerJ.H Carnathan
The Shadow Minds JournalHorror/OccultKia Carrington-Russell
The Spitting PostDark Fantasy/HorrorJason R. Barden
CribbinsHorror/OccultR.H. Dixon
Darkness in the SoulHorror/ParanormalUlf R. Ekhoey
Heuer Lost And FoundHorror/Occult/HumorA.B. Funkhauser
PowderfingerHorrorKeller Yeats
WyndwraythHorrorKeller Yeats
The Nightmare of Moxie GoreHorrorJeremy Ryan
Murmansk-13Horror/SciFiRichard-Steven Williams
My Sister and IPsychological ThrillerSean-Paul Thomas


SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

Book Two, The Watcher ParanormalRebecca Neely
Children of Poseidon: DamnamenosSuspense Annalisa Carr
When Planets Fall
YA/SciFi Abby J. Reed
Flower Readings SuspenseLilliana Rose
Alien, AwakeningSciFiSandra Harris
Flower PredictionsFantasy/SciFiLilliana Rose
Legends of PersiaHistoricalJennifer Macaire
StarblueSciFiMichelle Levigne
Blue FireSciFiMichelle Levigne
Flower QueenSuspenseLilliana Rose
The Fox and the MermaidSciFi/FantasyDee Carey
A.W.O.L. A.I.AnthologyVarious
The Demon LordYA/FantasyNikki Frank
Phaze SciFiS.C. Mitchell
The Emerald’s FlameEpic FantasyAndy Palmer
A Different TimeTime TravelDonna Steele
Forced to LoveFantasy RomanceA.M. Costello
EmergenceFantasy/GhostsCamille Faye
BreedYA/SciFi/DystopianNikki Cluff
Heaven-Sent WarriorFantasyNancy Lee Badger
WyldeSciFiS.C. Mitchell
Shifting AurasSciFiClaire Davon
The Light of RedemptionNew Adult/SuperheroNatlaie J. Damschroder
SleeplessYA/FantasyMelissa Frost
Banshee CryFantasy RomanceRaven Hudgins
Daughter of the South WindFantasyKD Dubois
Shifting AurasSciFiClaire Davon

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 2 Reviews

The Road AheadScifi/DystopianHali C. Broncucia
The Brede ChroniclesSciFiP.I. Barrington
A Chronicle of ChaosEpic FantasyD.M. Cain
The Book of SongsFantasyLouice Svedin
The Falcon Flies AloneFantasyGabrielle Mathieu
Between the Shade and the Shadow
(releases June 21)
Fantasy/YAColeman Alexander
Moon BeamSciFiSteven Burgauer
The Cursed Girl
FantasyMaria Vermisoglou
Anna UndreamingDark FantasyThomas Welsh
(releases Oct)
YA/FantasyAlex Dunn
Raven, Fire and IceSciFi/SteampunkNita Round
Bollywood InvasionTime TravelRicardo Alexanders
MarauderSciFiCyndi Friberg
A Dead God AwakeDark FantasyJohn White
Violet SoulsSciFi/Fantasy RomanceAbbey MacMunn
The EngineerSciFi/Cyberpunk/DystopianDarran M Handshaw
Time CrawlersSciFi ShortsVarun Sayal
Through the Whole of Space-TimeSciFi/HumorDean Rosenthal
Gylded WingsDark FantasyLinda Nightingale
Culture-ZSciFiKarl Andrew Marszalowicz
CryptofaunaFantasy/Dark HumorPatrick Canning
The Warrior’s BaneFantasyDavid L. McDaniel
RoboDocsSciFi/Medical T. 'Gus' Gustafson
Putting the Fun in FuneralFantasy/Humor Diana Pharaoh Francis
The Procurement of SoulsSciFi/SteampunkBenjamin Hope
Magic or DieSciFi/GayJ.P. Jackson
People of MetalScience FictionRobert Snyder
Awakening: The Prince of NabalarSciFi/FantasyDiana Flame


Mystery/Suspense - Tier 1 Reviews

Alex’s Return – Secrets of St. SebastianRomanticTasha Taylor
Shadow Lilies
(in process)
YA/SuspenseLee Ann Ward
The Sheik’s Dangerous TemptationRomanticMary Jo Springer
Murder is a Dirty BusinessWomen SleuthsTricia L. Sanders
When the Vow Breaks
(in process)
RomanticMichelle Libby
Mrs. Mommy Contemporary Western/RomanticNancy Smith Gibson
A Running HeartContemporary Western/RomanticKendra Vasquez
Bellamy RisingYoung Adult/FantasyA.E. Snow
The Widow of PapinaRomanticKatie Hamstead
Concealed LoveRomanticKim Hotzoin
Stay HiddenRomanticLeigh Fleming
Simple MisconceptionRomanticRachel Sharpe
The Windfall AppYA/RomanticTeresa Richards
Miami Days, Havana Nights20th Century Suspense Linda Bennett Pennell
Loving Gia To DeathRomantic SuspenseRena Koontz

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 2 Reviews

My Every Breath
(releases May 9)
RomanticBrittney Sahin
The Ghosts of Morgan StreetCrime/SuspenseP.J. Mann
Notes from HellMystery/SuspenseRachel Bukey
Under the RadarRomanticDee J. Adams
True MercyCrime/SuspenseIdelle Kursman
Beneath DeceptionRomanticA.L. Long
Zahhak's Wildest DreamsHard-boiled CrimeJ. Bharathi
Cry Baby CryWomen SleuthsDebra R. Borys
One Fine MessSuspense/Crime/HumorMike Petersen
LILY WHITE IN DETROITSuspense/CrimeCynthia Harrison
The Favored SonSuspense Catherine Luc
UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENTYA/MysteryLaura Stewart Schmidt
RebornSuspenseDan Mayer
Slacker NoirMysteryBenjamin Chapman
FLIRTING WITH DEATHCozy Mystery Patricia Grasso
SheringtonCrime FictionMarybeth Ames
Missing Him: A real love storySuspenseL Penn

Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 1

Lawless: Manlove EditionErotic/Gay/AnthologyVarious
One Night in VeniceSuspense/EroticEden Walker
Neutral ShadesYA/Contemporary/GayXondra Day

Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 2

Clarissa - AwakeningEroticaJack Lauriger
Seeking EcstasyEroticaAnnie P.
BloomDark Romance/EroticaNikki Rae
WiltDark Romance/EroticaNikki Rae

Cyrene’s pile of books below (partial)

Future Feature Authors/Gifted

Cave of SecretsYA/FantasyKH Mezek
Traitor in Her ArmsHistoricalShana Galen
The EliminationYA/DystopianStormy Corrin Russell
Cursed by DiamondsFantasyJ.K. Ensley
IrresistibleParanormalTara Vasser
Craving Love and Death (releases Oct)Dark SuspenseHaven Cage
Cosmic CabaretSciFiVarious
TAKE ME to the PINK YACHTYA/RomanceAurora Diamond
Solstice FestivalFantasy/YAJean DiFalco
The Curse of the RavenFantasy/MythsNicholas Kotar
Seductive SurrenderHistoricalCollette Cameron
Wicked DarknessHistorical FantasyVictoria Zak
The TideHorrorAnthony J Melchiorri
The Tide BreakwaterHorrorAnthony J Melchiorri
The BreakingHorrorDaniel Greene
Robot DepotSciFiRussell F. Moran
The Pink Rose of the PrairieHistoricalGinger Ring
OceansideContemporary RockstarMichelle Mankin
Dark MoonHistorical MedievalKathryn Le Veque
Scottish DevilHistorical HiglandsTammy Andresen
Kate's Quest Contemp/WesternShirley Ann Wilder


Read – review to come, scheduled for the October 2018 Issue of Uncaged:

The Unexpected Wife By Caroline Warfield
Fire Born – Rayanne Haines*
Magic Born – Rayanne Haines*
End Time – Daniel Greene*
Warm – Eric Kapitan*
Gilchrist – Christian Galacar*
Dark Child of Forever – S.K. Ryder*
Red Sky Rising – Ben Archer*
The Dead Woods – Daniel Parsons
The Hex Files, Wicked Never Sleeps – Gina LaManna
Dragon’s Heart – Eden Ashe

*= featured author