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Reviews are prioritized into Tiers. The first level, Tier 1, are the priority reviews for authors and/or publishers that have supported Uncaged with either ad purchases in the magazine, or have shared Uncaged extensively on their networks. The books will remain on Tier 1 for six(6) months, if not chosen they will drop to Tier 2 along with that status. The reviews can be adjusted at any time. At this time, there are 2 Tiers, with the possibility of going to 3 Tiers in the future if needed. Please email if you have any questions.

Tier 2 books remain on the lists for 6 months. If the book has not been chosen in that time frame, it will be removed. The book can be re-submitted by the author. This does not apply to Tier 1.

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Apologies, but we are not reviewing non-fiction and children’s books at this time.

Tier 1 Reviews

Book TitleAuthorGenreDate RequestedDate ReadMagazine Issue
ShimmerSharon AshwoodFantasy8/15/2020Sept/Oct 2021
SHATTERSharon AshwoodFantasy8/15/2020
More Dangerous HeroesVariousAncient/Viking Romance
The Dark That DwellsMatt Digman and Ryan RoddySciFi
What a Vulgar Viscount NeedsTammy AndresenHistorical Romance
Why a Marauding Marquess is BestTammy AndresenHistorical Romance
Wooed in WinterScarlett ScottHistorical Romance
Life for SaleLinda NightingaleSci-fi Romance
Mirror ImageMary CookThriller10/3/2020
A Duke for Miss TownsbridgeSophie BarnesHistorical Romance10/5/2020
The Formidable EarlSophie BarnesHistorical Romance10/5/2020
An Unexpected TemptationSophie BarnesHistorical Romance10/5/2020
The Runaway WifeCiCi CordeliaWestern Historical Romance10/13/2020
Sinners MCVariousCont. Romance Anthology10/14/2020
Storm & ShelterVariousRegency Anthology12/16/20208/15/21Sept/Oct 2021
Chocolate Raspberry MagicTena StetlerFantasy Romance1/19/2021
Moonlight Becomes YouRobert HeroldSupernatural horror
RorikMary MorganMedieval Romance4/30/2021
Sapphire PromiseSally BrandleWWII Romance4/30/2021
Lunar Uprising: ZorakCyndi FribergSci-fi Romance3/26/2021
Her Scottish ScoundrelSophie BarnesHistorical Romance3/25/2021
Moving the Chains, Book 5
Kata ČuićSports Romance2/24/2021
The Duke is WickedTracy SumnerHistorical Romance2/22/2021

Tier 2 Review Requests

Book TitleAuthorGenreDate RequestedDate ReadMagazine Issue
Surviving CrazyFrank CrimiContemporary Humor9/2/20208/1/2021Sept/Oct 2021
Crimson at Cape MayRandy OverbeckGhost Story/Mystery9/7/20208/15/2021Sept/Oct 2021
The Somewhere I See You AgainNancy ThorneYA Historical Romance9/9/20208/15/2021Sept/Oct 2021
Curse of the Blacknoc WitchTori V. RainnDark fantasy9/11/20208/15/2021Sept/Oct 2021
ElephantNatalie RodriguezYoung Adult9/11/2020
LleydrinJ.B. MoranYA Sci Fi9/13/2020
East Beach, Red Farlow Mysteries No. 3W.F. RanewMystery/Suspense9/14/2020
My Yuletide EarlTammy AndresenHistorical Romance9/15/2020
The SCOTUS AffairStephen L. BruneauRomantic Suspense9/16/2020
When a Wolf HowlsFiona McGierParanormal Romance9/17/2020
Worth the WaitFiona McGierParanormal Romance9/17/2020
A Favor For A FavorNat ChelloniCrime Thriller9/18/2020
Big BadChristian GalacarCrime Thriller/Suspense9/19/2020
MesmerizedViolet MoonParanormal Erotic Romance9/19/2020
The Stone in My PocketMatthew KeeleyComing of Age/20th century9/21/2020
Rescued by ValanJennifer SiddowayHistorical Romance9/22/2020
Who Wants a Brawling BaronHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen9/24/2020
NatalyaParanormal/fantasy WWIIHeidi Vanlandingham9/30/2020
AleksandraParanormal/fantasy WWIIHeidi Vanlandingham9/30/2020
RaisaParanormal/fantasy WWIHeidi Vanlandingham9/30/2020
Residual MagicUrban FantasySuzanne Sabol10/1/2020
Windmaster GolemFantasy RomanceHelen Henderson10/4/2020
Lady RecklessHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott10/6/2020
The Royal Occult Bureau #1paranormal romanceBarbara Russell10/7/2020
AVENGING ANGEL: Love and Death in Old BrooklynCrime Fiction / Dark RomanceCharles Isaacs10/12/2020
Mrs. Macabre YA/HorrorAustin Bouse10/12/2020
The Dark TempestEpic FantasyNathan Cooper10/13/2020
Magic in the SnowHoliday contemporary romanceRyan Jo Summers10/16/2020
Secret Spirit Guardians of Santa FeFantasyC.A. Masterson10/17/2020
Previous Ownersparanormal romanceAnne Allan10/28/2020
Andromeda's RebelSciFiDebra Jess10/31/2020
RetrogradeRomantic SuspenseDesiree Holt11/06/2020
A Governess Should Never… Tempt a PrizefighterHistorical RomanceEmily Windsor11/07/2020
Mishandled ConvictionRomantic Suspense/Time TravelJ. S. Marlo11/09/2020
Winter's WomanHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott11/12/2020
Spencer West, P.I.Romantic SuspenseDick Brown11/12/2020
The Blue, Red LyraeLiterary FictionMehreen Ahmed11/16/2020
An Indelible DayLiterary Fiction ShortCairo Marques11/17/2020
The Rise of the Hidden PrinceYA FantasyJM Stephen11/19/2020
Callsign Ghost: The Haunting ShotMilitary Thriller/SuspenseR.B Carr11/24/2020
Chief Spirit BearSheri Chapman11/24/2020
DamnationFantasyErnest Roberson, Sr11/24/2020
Greyfriars ReformatoryDark Fantasy/HorrorFrazer Lee12/08/2020
The Night SenderRomantic FantasyChristina Tsirkas12/09/2020
Tangled in TinselHoliday RomanceN. Jade Gray12/11/2020
Sea of Dreams - Book 1Fantasy RomanceD.A. Henneman12/12/2020
Cut Her Out In Little StarsSciFi/Time TravelDaniele Kasper12/17/2020
Deadly Fetishes Part OneParanormal Romance/SensualKayden McLeod12/29/2020
The Eagle and The ButterflyMystic Quest, Visionary FictionMaggie Shaw12/31/2020
The Autumn of AndieYA HistoricalJohn Madormo12/31/2020
Black JackHorrorGina Easton1/03/2021
A Dragon for SaleM/M romance, thriller, action, paranormal, militaryKaterina Ross1/04/2021
Orange CitySci-Fi/DystopianLee Matthew Goldberg1/04/2021
The SafekeeperYA Fantasy Sci FiEsther Archer Lakhani1/21/2021
Keeper of The GroveParanormal romanceJuli D. Revezzo1/23/2021
Darkparanormal romance/urban fantasyKat Kinney1/27/2021
Craveparanormal romance/urban fantasyKat Kinney1/27/2021
The Electric GirlYA FantasyChristine Hart1/27/2021
Eternally YoursParanormal RomanceOlivia Boothe1/28/2021
The Last Angel To FallOccult SuspenseBRIAN WALSH2/11/2021
The Flip Side Of SadFantasy - Magical RealismAshley Amber2/17/2021
Finnegan's AwakeYA ThrillerTrilby Black2/19/2021
Hawthorn WoodsMystery/ThrillerPatrick Canning2/25/2021
His Misplaced CountessHistorical RomanceDavida Ann Samenski3/1/2021
A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine AnthologyHoliday Paranormal RomanceLeisl Leighton3/3/2021
The HeronHistorical Fiction/Time Slip, Paranormal SuspenseJean M. Roberts3/7/2021
Eighteen Days in New Yorkhistorical fictionBill Lewers3/8/2021
Oh Danny BoySweet Irish RomanceJosie Riviera3/11/2021
The Colour Of WednesdayLiterary/contemporaryKate Rigby3/13/2021
Echo of RosesTime Travel RomancePaula Quinn3/17/2021
Persephone's Cursedystopian romanceSandra Bats3/23/2021
Ancient WindsRomantic Action Adventure/SuspenseKristy McCaffrey3/27/2021
The Goddess of MagicParanormal RomanceTamara Hughes3/28/2021
Crescendorockstar romance, Erotic romance, LGBTLilith K. Duat3/28/2021
The Skinny on the JinniParanormal Cozy MysteryGloria Lesher3/29/2021
AVENGING ANGEL: Love and Death in Old BrooklynCrime Fiction / Dark RomanceCharles S Isaacs4/2/2021
Bound in StrengthFantasy
Zola Blue4/2/2021
Emily's New EverythingSweet RomanceElizabeth Allison4/2/2021
Colors of the HeartContemporary RomanceDK Marie4/6/2021
Velvetsteamy medieval fantasy romanceLisette Marshall4/17/2021
ShimmersSFF; paranormalJ.P. Strecker4/21/2021
Synchronicityhorror/thriller/sci-fiMichaelbrent Collings4/22/2021
AdmonitionAncient Historical RomanceKathryn Amurra4/25/2021
A Queen To ComeFantasyFrances Ellen5/10/2021
The Dancing MurdersHistorical MysteryJames Musgrave5/4/2021
The Wrath of HorusHorrorCatherine Schaff-Stump5/17/2021
AnorocYA FantasyBryan Kuderna5/18/2021
TriciaLady's Historical 19th CenturyJennifer Woods5/21/2021
PuppetParanormal RomanceAlexandra Sinclair5/21/2021
Undercover in Venice BeachContemporary RomanceMelody DeBlois5/21/2021
I Don't Want YouContemporary RomanceVictoria McFarlane5/28/2021
Diary of a Contemporary WomanContemporary Eroticlucy pussett5/29/2021
Empire of Air and ShadowYA SpeculativeC.A. Masterson6/2/2021
The Duke's ListHistorical RegencyAndrea K Stein5/19/2021
Oranges for MirandaContemporary RomanceAnnette Bower5/17/2021
Signs We Don’t SeeYA ContemporaryCarrie Beamer5/14/2021
The Last Memory VisitYA Sci-Fi RomanceJenny Lynn Lambert5/14/2021
Awakened Are the Starry-EyedYA ContemporaryChristine Dore Miller5/14/2021
Earl of InfamyHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen5/13/2021
Lady LawlessHistorical RegencyScarlett Scott4/22/2021
Viscount of VanityHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen4/22/2021
Spirits of the DogwoodYA Paranormal RomanceT. Lee Garland4/2/2021
Dark Duke's LegacyHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen5/21/2021
Bound in StrengthFantasyZola Blue4/2/2021
A Wish Upon a DukeHistorical RegencyKatherine Ann Madison3/31/2021
Winter's WarriorHistorical RegencyScarlett Scott3/29/2021
Baron of BlasphemyHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen3/15/2021
At the Pleasure of the MarquessHistorical RegencySofie Darling3/2/2021
Winter's WidowHistorical RegencyScarlett Scott3/2/2021
The Catafal’s CrowYA FantasyMere Joyce2/272021
Chasing the TaillightsYA ContemporaryKate Larkingale2/27/2021
Apocalypse NopeYA AlternativeDeidre Huesmann2/27/2021
AaronMedieval RomanceElizabeth Rose2/25/2021
Pride of ValorHistorical RegencyAndrea K Stein2/22/2021
Duke of DishonorHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen2/16/2021
CinderellaYA FantasyMelissa Frost6/7/2021
Through Hell & HighwaterFantasyVictoria Liiv6/12/2021
The Juju GirlMysteryNikki Marsh6/13/2021
Landscape of a MarriageHistorical FictionGail Olmsted6/14/2021
Her Willful WhiteHistorical RegencyTammy Andresen6/14/2021
The Whaler's DaughterHistorical FictionJerry Mikorenda6/14/2021

Cyrene's Personal Reading List

Book TitleAuthorGenreDate ReadMagazine Issue
The Soul ThiefKim RichardsonFantasy
The TowerL.A. McGinnisFantasy Romance
Sins of SmokeDaniel WilcoxHorror
Queen of StormsCN Crawford, Katerina MartinezUrban Fantasy
He Ain't LionCelia KyleParanormal/Shifter
How to Spell DisasterJennifer LaslieFantasy
First SightKristin PingFantasy Romance
AsylumJessica LynchFantasy
CandymanJas T. WardHorror/Thriller
The King's FavoriteTanya Anne CrosbyFantasy
The Names of the DeadKevin WignallSuspense/Thriller
Thief River FallsBrian FreemanSuspense

Read for the September/October 2021 Issue of Uncaged:

Lone Survivor – Nikki Landis