Requested Reviews


Requested Reviews

Requested Reviews: books sent in by authors or publishers that are looking for reviews – “in process” means a reviewer is reading the book right now, once they are finished and the review sent in, the book gets moved to the Read section under the issue it’s scheduled for.

Reviews are prioritized into Tiers. The first level, Tier 1, are the priority reviews for authors and/or publishers that have supported Uncaged with either ad purchases in the magazine, or have shared Uncaged extensively on their networks. The reviews can be adjusted at any time. At this time, there are 2 Tiers, with the possibility of going to 3 Tiers in the future if needed. Please email if you have any questions.

Tier 2 books remain on the lists for 6 months. If the book has not been chosen in that time frame, it will be removed. The book can be re-submitted by the author. This does not apply to Tier 1.

All reviews from Uncaged will be posted at Amazon and Goodreads.

Apologies, but we are not reviewing non-fiction and children’s books at this time.

Wait time for reviews status, based on list lengths (will be highlighted):

Our current status is RED

Red: Could be long wait time
Yellow: Wait times are slower
Green: Quick turnaround

Authors please note: If your book has been on the list for over 6 months and hasn’t been requested by a reviewer, the book will be removed, this applies to Tier 2 only.

* = future featured author normally read by Cyrene

Contemporary - Tier 1 Reviews

Tomahawks and TemblequeRomantic ComedyIdaline Orifaz
The Brownlow BabySports/RomanceKatie Hamstead
RedemptionRomanceKim Lorraine
Can't Stop the MusicRomanceC.D. Hersh
Sara's Last ResortWestern Romance Kendra Vasquez
ResolutionFamilyKim Loraine
Chaos Among the VinesRomanceGemma Brocato
No Coming BackRomance Jessie Salisbury
The Time TableTime TravelCaroline Mather
Make Me a MatchRomanceMackenzie Lucas
Save the Date SportsAven Ellis
Engaged in Heritage View Romance Annie Stiles
A Time for Love in Paris
(in process)
Time TravelKim Hotzon
ReunionRomanceRebecca Massy McTavish
A Journey HomeMilitary/RomanceAngela Scavone
KadeWestern ContemporaryDeAnn Smallwood
The Scent of White Lilacs Romance Jessie Salisbury
Better Together RomanceAnnalisa Carr
Playing Defense Sports RomanceAven Ellis
The Rancher’s Conditions Western ContemporaryRod Chapman
Brewed for LoveRomantic ComedyLeigh Raffaele
Don’t You Know Who I Am?
(in process)
Young AdultMarie Easton
Hotter Than The CaribbeanRomanceStacy Hoff
Betting on CinderellaRomancePetie McCarty
Instant Enticement RomanceSamanthya Wyatt
A Total MismatchRomanceMadelaine Grant
Love's HarvestRomanceGwen Overland
Rainbows in the MoonlightRomanceRyan Jo Summers
Joshua’s WishRomanceR.S. Chapman

Contemporary - Tier 2 Reviews

Beautiful MessRomantic ComedyJohn Herrick
Someone Like YouRomanceBrittney Sahin
Bear Medicine
ContemporaryG. Elizabeth Kretchmer
The JournalContemporaryAtlanta Hunter
ContemporaryHeather Greenis
Second GuessingRomanceGail Ward Olmsted
Loving GraceYA/ContemporaryApril Smith
Escape from BehruzRomanceJudy Meadows


Historical - Tier 1 Reviews

October Daffodil1960's/War/Coming of AgeRichard Malloy
The Writer and the RakeRegency/Time Travel Shehanne Moore
Legacy of HungerFantasy Christy Nicholas
Highland Faith HIghlanderMadelyn Hill
Druid’s Portal Time TravelCindy Tomamichel
Tempting Fate VictorianMichelle Jean Marie
The Draig’s Wife Time Travel/MedievalLisa Dawn Wadler
The Irish TempestRomanceElizabeth J. Sparrow
Maybe This Time20th Century/Time TravelSusan B. James
Scandal’s ChildRegencyPamela Gibson
Once Upon a LadyRegencyAddie Jo Ryleigh
The Scandalous Inheritance20th CenturyNancy Smith Gibson
Hemlock and HoneyHighlandsElizabeth Preston
Captain’s LadyRegencyJamaila Brinkley
Stormy Hawkins Historical WesternAna Morgan
Three Lessons in SeductionRegencySofie Darling
Seduced by the Dandy LionRegency Suzanne Quill
The Devil of DunmoorRegencyMeggan Connors
Thistles and ThieveHighlanderElizabeth Preston
Highland WishTime TravelColleen MacGregor
Fool’s GoldHistorical WesternCari Davis
Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western NovelWesternDavid Sharp
Tempted by the ViscountHistorical RegencySofie Darling

Historical - Tier 2 Reviews

The Mark of Wu
(ARC- releases Feb 2018)
Ancient ChinaStephen M. Gray
Queen Mary's Daughter
(releases March 2018)
Scottish/Time TravelEmily-Jane Hills Orford
Favor of the KingHistorical Romantic SuspenseCassandra Jamison


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

Lost ProtectorParanormalMaggie Mundy
Soul Song
(in process)
Shifter RomanceMikea Howard
The Storm WithinRomanceCerian Hebert
The Dragon's FlameShiftersKarin Shah
Health Nut Café
(in process)
RomanceRhonda Frankhouser
Courting MidnightShiftersTrinity Blake
Finding FaithParanormal RomanceApril Luna

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Tier 2 Reviews

(in process)
Young AdultSarai Henderson
War Eternal: Book I: Angels' Whispers Angels, Demons, VampiresJ.F. Cain
Return to Bloodmoon Manor
ParanormalKaren Wiesner
Never AgainParanormalAlyse Nennig
ReanimationVampireStacey McCoy
Darkshine Dark FantasyR.D. Vallier
Sex, Blood, Rock 'N' Roll, and VampyrParanormal RomanceK. M. McFarland
Evil Speaks SoftlyParanormal RomanceMaureen Bonatch
Jason's AwakeningParanormal/ShiftersRemy Marie
Tarnished GoldParanormal/YALynn Thompson
In the DarkParanormal/ShiftersBecca Fox
Reaper - Birds of a Feather (Book 5 - can be read as standalones)YA/Paranormal elementsLena North

Thriller/Horror Tier 1 Reviews

(in process)
HorrorEric Kapitan
The Legacy of Old Gran Parks
(Releases March 31)
ThrillerIsobel Blackthorn
Dawn in Damnation
(in process)
HorrorClark Casey

Thriller/Horror Tier 2 Reviews

SubhumanHorror/SciFiMichael McBride
The Dragon's SacrificeDark FantasyAndi Lawrencovna
A Vampire's ProtegeHorrorDamian Serbu
SketchedParanormal Suspense ThrillerE.M. Townsend
Sleep, Think, DieHorror/DystopianSP Oldham
The AdversaryHorrorMauricio Limeira
Devil in the DeepShortsEllen Datlow
GilchristHorrorChristian Galacar
Bittersweet: 14 Macabre Tales of Love and LossHorror shortsDaniel Hilliard


SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

Passions Out of Time
Time TravelChris Lange
Book Two, The Watcher ParanormalRebecca Neely
Children of Poseidon: DamnamenosSuspense Annalisa Carr
When Planets Fall
YA/SciFi Abby J. Reed
Between Venus and MarsRomanticS.C. Mitchell
Flower Readings SuspenseLilliana Rose
Violet Abyss
Dark FantasySuzanne M. Sabol
Alien, AwakeningSciFiSandra Harris
Flower PredictionsFantasy/SciFiLilliana Rose
Legends of PersiaHistoricalJennifer Macaire
StarblueSciFiMichelle Levigne
Blue FireSciFiMichelle Levigne
Flower QueenSuspenseLilliana Rose
The Fox and the MermaidSciFi/FantasyDee Carey

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 2 Reviews

Rarity from the Hollow Robert Eggleton
AddictSciFi/GayMatt Doyle
The Tree Of Rebels
(in process)
Dystopian/YAChantelle Atkins
Trans Liberty Riot BrigadeDystopianL.M. Pierce
Coming DarknessFantasy/Angels/GaySusan-Alia Terry
Free World Apocalypse - FugitiveDystopianT.K. Malone
Raven ThrallEpic FantasyJ. Elizabeth Vincent
NoctisMetaphysicalFaye Hogan-Gulliver
The Adventures of Kim Yuki – The Soul StonesYA/FantasyE. Laurett
The Rose ThiefFantasy/HumorClaire Buss
Silas Morlock
(in process)
SciFi/FantasyMark Cantrell
wythias: Door to The VoidYA/FantasyIsha Crowe
Scylla & Charybdis
(Kristell Ink - not yet released)
FantasyLindsey Duncan
Promise of a Battered MoonSciFiJack Teng
To Fight the Black WindDark Fantasy, Arkham Horror Files UniverseJennifer Brozek
The Shadow Beneath the WavesSciFiMatt Betts


Mystery/Suspense - Tier 1 Reviews

A Perilous Pursuit RomanticDiane Gilmore
Love, Lies and AlibisRomanticSuzanne Pearson
Hard ProofRomanticDebra Kayn
Alex’s Return – Secrets of St. SebastianRomanticTasha Taylor
Shadow Lilies
(in process)
YA/SuspenseLee Ann Ward
(in process)
YA/SuspenseLee Ann Ward
The Sheik’s Dangerous TemptationRomanticMary Jo Springer
Off the Grid for LoveRomanticReena Koontz
Murder is a Dirty BusinessWomen SleuthsTricia L. Sanders
When the Vow Breaks
(in process)
RomanticMichelle Libby
Mrs. Mommy Contemporary Western/RomanticNancy Smith Gibson
A Running HeartContemporary Western/RomanticKendra Vasquez
Bellamy RisingYoung Adult/FantasyA.E. Snow
The Widow of PapinaRomanticKatie Hamstead

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 2 Reviews

True MercyMysteryIdelle Kursman
Vengeance (book 2)RomanticBelle Ami
Escape (book 1)RomanticBelle Ami
Gone ViralSuspenseD.R. Shoultz
Them Rabbit Foot BluesMystery/CrimeJason Michael Spurlock
Room 119MysteryT.F. Lince
Conflux: Threat from the TroikaThrillers/MilitaryWilliam Brazzel
Becker CircleRomanticAddison Brea

Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 1

Lawless: Manlove EditionErotic/Gay/AnthologyVarious
One Night in VeniceSuspense/EroticEden Walker

Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 2

Vice CityCrime/Gay - MMS.A. Stovall
Sirius: Hidden TruthErotic/SuspenseA.L. Long

Cyrene’s pile of books below (partial)

Future Feature Authors/Gifted

Cave of SecretsYA/FantasyKH Mezek
Traitor in Her ArmsHistoricalShana Galen
The EliminationYA/DystopianStormy Corrin Russell
Passion and Plunder HighlanderCollette Cameron
Cursed by DiamondsFantasyJ.K. Ensley
IrresistibleParanormalTara Vasser
Craving Love and Death (releases Oct)Dark SuspenseHaven Cage
Cosmic CabaretSciFiVarious
TAKE ME to the PINK YACHTYA/RomanceAurora Diamond
Prophecy GirlUrban FantasyRavin Tija Maurice
Loving a Hero
(releases April 2)
Contemporary SuspenseCheryl Yeko
Solstice FestivalFantasy/YAJean DiFalco
The Substitute Wife
Historical WesternCiCi Cordelia
The Curse of the RavenFantasy/MythsNicholas Kotar
TajaelFantasyAlisa Woods
Heart of a HighlanderHistorical HighlandsCollette Cameron
Halloween Nightmare
(in process)
HorrorRena Marin & Skylar McKinzie
Off Course
(in process)
SciFi/Humor Zombie Cupcake AnthologyVarious
GodspeedHistoricalKathryn Le Veque
Seductive SurrenderHistoricalCollette Cameron


Read – review to come, scheduled for the April 2018 Issue of Uncaged:

The White Raven – Carrie D. Miller
Devotion – Kim Loraine
The Substitute Wife – Cici Cordelia
Song – Jesse Teller
An Initial Countdown – Kevin E. Hatt
River City Dead – Nancy G. West*
The Wicked Marquis – Mary Lancaster*
The Pirate’s Duchess – Katherine Bone*
The Golden Rose of Scotland – Marisa Dillon
Falling Star – Terri Osburn*
Elephant Dreams – Martha Deeringer
Prophecy Girl – Ravin Tija Maurice*
Broken Dreams – Melissa Keir*
See – Lee Ann Ward*
Z-Bot – S.C. Mitchell


*= featured author