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Requested Reviews: books sent in by authors or publishers that are looking for reviews - "in process" means a reviewer is reading the book right now, once they are finished and the review sent in, the book gets moved to the Read section under the issue it's scheduled for.

Reviews are prioritized into Tiers. The first level, Tier 1, are the priority reviews for authors and/or publishers that have supported Uncaged with either ad purchases in the magazine, or have shared Uncaged extensively on their networks. The reviews can be adjusted at any time. At this time, there are 2 Tiers, with the possibility of going to 3 Tiers in the future if needed. Please email if you have any questions.

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Apologies, but we are not reviewing non-fiction and children's books at this time.

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* = future featured author normally read by Cyrene

Contemporary - Tier 1 Reviews

The Accidental Stranger
(in process)
Fantasy/HistoricalCj Fosdick
Jeep Tour
(in process)
RomanceGail Ward Olmsted
Love's DeceptionRomance Patricia Hudson
Grand ParadeWestern RomanceLilliana Rose
The Brownlow BabySports/RomanceKatie Hamstead
RedemptionRomanceKim Lorraine
Can't Stop the MusicRomanceC.D. Hersh
Stealing the ShowWestern RomanceLiliana Rose
Sara's Last ResortWestern Romance Kendra Vasquez
Betting on Love in VegasRomanceStacy Hoff
ResolutionFamilyKim Loraine
Chaos Among the VinesRomanceGemma Brocato
No Coming BackRomance Jessie Salisbury
The Time TableTime TravelCaroline Mather
Make Me a MatchRomanceMackenzie Lucas
Salvageable Self-esteemJean Baxter
Save the Date SportsAven Ellis
Engaged in Heritage View Romance Annie Stiles

Contemporary - Tier 2 Reviews

Driving on the LeftRomanceGail Ward Olmsted
Guessing at NormalRomanceGail Ward Olmsted
Matters of ConvenienceGeneralRoy L. Pickering Jr.
Foreign ExchangeRomance/YADenise Jaden
Broken ChainsWorld literature Emiliya Ahmadova
A Bend in the WillowWomen's FictionSusan Clayton-Goldner
What You Wish For Women's FictionGina Wynn
Tomahawks and TemblequeRomantic ComedyIdaline Orifaz
Winning Dr. WentworthRomance/SportsRebecca Heflin
Romancing Dr. LoveRomantic ComedyRebecca Heflin
Train WreckRomantic ComedyElise Faber

Historical - Tier 1 Reviews

Love at WarWar RomanceViola Russell
Leave Me My Convictions20th CenturyJessie Salisbury
Love and the Shameless LadyRegencyBarbara Monajem
Ellie Walker's JusticeWestern Romance Susan Federici
Christmas in the HighlandsHighlander Madelyn Hill
BrynndeRegencyM Pepper Langlinais
The Savage from the SeaMedieval/VikingClaire Harris
October Daffodil1960's/War/Coming of AgeRichard Malloy
From Ice Wagon to ClubhouseIrishViola Russell
The Writer and the RakeRegency/Time Travel Shehanne Moore
Legacy of HungerFantasy Christy Nicholas
Enslaving the DayRegencyJenn Langston
The Trail to Love WesternTina Susedik
The Reluctant WifeRegencyCaroline Warfield
Highland Faith HIghlanderMadelyn Hill
Druid’s Portal Time TravelCindy Tomamichel
Tempting Fate VictorianMichelle Jean Marie
The Draig’s Wife Time Travel/MedievalLisa Dawn Wadler
The Irish TempestRomanceElizabeth J. Sparrow

Historical - Tier 2 Reviews

Murder in AbsentiaFantasy/MysteryAssaph Mehr
Swords of ArtaiusMedievalWilliam H. Russeth
Love is Silent19th Century, RomanceIcy Snow Blackstone
RiverbendPre-Civil War eraSandra Bruney
Never Summer19th CenturyTim Blaine
Châteaux and Shadows
RomancePhilippa Lodge

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

The Lion’s PreyShiftersKarin Shah
Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary 1)
(in process)
VampireL.D. Rose
Black Bullet (The Order of the Senary 2)
(in process)
VampireL.D. Rose
The Vanquished
(in process)
Paranormal RomanceJessica Fisette
Another TimeParanormal RomanceDonna Steele
Witch's StoneHistoricalJamaila Brinkley
Dark Lord of the NightVampireS.K. Ryder

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Tier 2 Reviews

Across the JordanSuspenseJohn Roane
As Cold As ThornsGothic/Dark FantasyIsis Sousa
Crescent CityThriller/SuspenseChariss K. Walker
A Change of HeartVampireMark Benjamin
It's in the BloodParanormal RomanceJuanita Aydlette
UpdriftParanormal RomanceErrin Stevens

Thriller/Horror Tier 1 Reviews

Dark God DescendingDark FantasyTony-Paul de Vissage
Eye of the StormDark FantasyFrank Cavallo
Fireflies of the Dead
(releases Oct 2017)
HorrorEric Kapitan
Monsters Exist
(in process)

Thriller/Horror Tier 2 Reviews

KaiAsianDerek Vasconi
To Watch You BleedPsychological ThrillerJordon Greene
EdgeDark FantasySerena Sallow
UnmaskedHorrorR. Saint Claire

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

Justice Unending
(in process)
Young Adult/SteampunkElizabeth Spencer
Passions Out of Time
(in process)
Time TravelChris Lange
Book Two, The Watcher ParanormalRebecca Neely
Children of Poseidon: DamnamenosSuspense Annalisa Carr
The Story of a Peace-Loving ManOperaToni V. Sweeney
Fire and IceSciFi/Fantasy/RomanceJessica Fisette
When Planets Fall
(in process)
YA/SciFi Abby J. Reed
Mestlven: A Tale from Perilisc
(in process)
Dark FantasyJesse Teller
Between Venus and MarsRomanticS.C. Mitchell
Savage Betrayal Epic FantasyEmily Tyler
Flower Readings SuspenseLilliana Rose
Violet AbyssDark FantasySuzanne M. Sabol

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 2 Reviews

Ave, Caesarion
(long book)
Myths/Greek & RomanDeborah L Davitt
Heir to the SunRomanticJennifer Allis Provost
MultiplaritySpace OperaAnthony Stevens
Tazia FahnDieselpunkAnthony Stevens
The ColonyColonizationLaurel Richards
The Night of The Eleventh SunSteven Burgauer
The Grandfather ParadoxTime TravelSteven Burgauer
ThemAlien/DystopianMG Hardie
The Devil's LieutenantSuspense/Dark FantasyShervin Jamali
HalfwayDarkLokesh Sharma
Fires of Hell: The AlchemysticSteampunk/DystopianMaureen L. Mills
The War QueenMilitary/Fantasy/Romance J.M. Robison

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 1 Reviews

The Second Man
(in process)
RomanticEmelle Gamble
Fragile Brilliance
(in process)
ThrillerEliot Parker
Never with a Rich Man
(in process)
RomanticTina Susedik
Not Her Baby
(in process)
Young Adult/RomanticCassandra Jamison
Theirs by Chance
(in process)
Romantic Karen Ann Dell
In Her DefenseCrime Vicki Tharp
EscapeRomanticBelle Ami
A Perilous Pursuit RomanticDiane Gilmore
Love, Lies and AlibisRomanticSuzanne Pearson
The Witches of NovemberSuspenseGloria Garner Haynes
Hard ProofRomanticDebra Kayn

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 2 Reviews

Abbey's Search for SanctuaryRomanticEris Field
OutcastSuspenseDianne Noble
RageRomantic Linda Burson
A Serenade to Die ForRomanticJanet Fogg
The Last ValentineRomanticFelix Alexander
Redemption Lake: Winston Radhauser SeriesCrime/Murder Susan Clayton-Goldner
OppressionMysteryDianne Noble
The GunCrime Daithi Kavanagh
The Better Part of ValourMilitaryRex Burns
Leaving Panama’s ParadiseRomanticJulie Bawden-Davis
Avocado FlowersRomanticJulie Bawden-Davis
Sacrificial LamMysteryGary Guinn
Tangible SpiritsMystery/GhostsBecki Willis
A Life RemovedPoliceJason Parent
Winter SongMysterySusan C. Muller
EXPLOITS: A Glamorous, Dangerous RomanceRomanticClara Grace Walker
The Trainee UndercoverYoung AdultBrenda Shaw
A Season for Killing BlondesCozy MysteryJoanne Guidoccio
Too Many Women in the RoomCozy MysteryJoanne Guidoccio
Hard ProofRomanticDebra Kayn


Wild BellsGay/HistoricalCharlie Cochrane
Wolf WhistleGay/MM/ShiftersA.C. Katt
Henri's Little OneGay/EroticA.C. Katt
One Night in MinneapolisErotica/NovellaMargie Church
The RedFantasyTiffany Reisz

Cyrene's pile of books below (partial)

Future Feature Authors/Gifted

Lament of the FallenHorror/Dark FantasyAndy Peloquin
Life SentenceParanormal SuspenseLily Luchesi
Right to SilenceParanormal SuspenseLily Luchesi
The TurnParanormalKim Harrison
Shadows of the ForestSciFi/Fantasy/YAEmma Michaels
The StreetsHorrorRobert Dunbar
The Bone WitchParanormal Fantasy/YARin Chupeco
Clockwork DynastySciFi/FantasyDaniel H. Wilson
Cave of SecretsYA/FantasyKH Mezek
Traitor in Her ArmsHistoricalShana Galen
The EliminationYA/DystopianStormy Corrin Russell
Sleep, Think, DieHorror/ZombieSP Oldham
Rock My BodyContemporaryLee Piper
Thin IceContemporaryJS Marlo
The Crown of StonesDark FantasyC. L. Schneider
Passion and Plunder HighlanderCollette Cameron
UnscriptedRomantic SuspenseJS Marlo
Crossing Roman SuspenseGinger Ring
Madison's MobsterSuspenseGinger Ring
Lure of the WolfFantasy RomanceAnna Lowe
Cursed by DiamondsFantasyJ.K. Ensley
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: NeedUrban FantasyDeborah Wilde
Kick the CandleParanormalGenevieve Jack
Oddities & Entities 2: Vessels Horror/SciFiRoland Allnach
Famished: The Gentleman Ghoul OmnibusHorrorIvan Ewert
Midnight MossParanormalCarissa Lynch
Delusional ConductThrillerM. Rain Ranalli & J.L. Clayton
CursedHorror/OccultSkylar McKinzie
When I'm DeadThrillerErin Lee




Read - review to come, scheduled for August 2017 Issue of Uncaged:

Four by Moonlight - Linda Nightingale
Southern Comfort - Ciana Stone
Crazy for Alice - Alex Dunn
To Tame the Wind - Regan Walker
Wolf's Challenge - Christina Lynn Lambert
Or the Girl Dies - Rachel Rust*
Whispered Echoes - Paul F. Olson
Ugly Little Things - Todd Keisling
Grimm Love - Kristen Collins*
The Waning - Christina Bergling
True Scary Stories, Vol. 1 - The Shadow Man - Dark Mistress Aurora
Belonging to a Highlander - K.M. Patterson*
A Storytelling of Ravens - R.H. Dixon*
Sister Agatha: The World's Oldest Serial Killer -  Domhnall O'Donoghue
A Gentleman's Club - Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Fire and Ice - Chance Carter
Calliope Creek - DeAnn Smallwood
The Ulterior Motive - Jack Coleston*
Tenderly Wicked - Katerina Ross
The Honest Rake - Toni V. Sweeney*
Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders - Various
Sublime Karma - Peyton Garver
Abilene - B.A. Mealer
Sins of the Father - Winter Austin
Isle of the Blessed - Suzan Tisdale
Enden - David Kummer
Progenitor - Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Bound - R.M. Gauthier
Bob -  Tegon Maus
The Watched Girl - Rachel Rust*
The Child with Silver Eyes - Kristen Collins*
Annexation - Marisa Chenery
Waking for Winter - Katherine McIntyre

*= featured author