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Reviews are prioritized into Tiers. The first level, Tier 1, are the priority reviews for authors and/or publishers that have supported Uncaged with either ad purchases in the magazine, or have shared Uncaged extensively on their networks. The books will remain on Tier 1 for six(6) months, if not chosen they will drop to Tier 2 along with that status. The reviews can be adjusted at any time. At this time, there are 2 Tiers, with the possibility of going to 3 Tiers in the future if needed. Please email if you have any questions.

Tier 2 books remain on the lists for 6 months. If the book has not been chosen in that time frame, it will be removed. The book can be re-submitted by the author. This does not apply to Tier 1.

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Apologies, but we are not reviewing non-fiction and children’s books at this time.

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Authors please note: If your book has been on the list for over 6 months and hasn’t been requested by a reviewer, the book will be removed, this applies to Tier 2 only.

* = future featured author normally read by Cyrene

Contemporary - Tier 1

The Sweet TouchRomanceMadelaine Grant
If Ever I FallRomanceElle Wright
Cornerstone of LoveRomanceSusan Carlisle
Savor ThisRomanceAriella Talix

Contemporary - Tier 2 Reviews

Learning to LoveRomanticJennifer Wilck
Meant to be KeptRomanticAmelia Foster
Runaway Love StoryRomanticSadira Stone

Young Adult - Tier 1


Young Adult - Tier 2

Not GuiltyContemporaryC. Lee McKenzie
DevonnaParanormal RomanceAudrey Francis-Plante

Historical - Tier 1

More Dangerous HeroesAncient/Viking RomanceBox Set - 5 authors

Historical - Tier 2 Reviews

The Lieutenant and the LadyHistorical RegencyCollette Cameron
A Hundred BreathsScottish/VikingJean Grant
The Night of the OwlMedievalJudith Sterling

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Tier 2 Reviews

A Web of VengeanceSuspenseCheyenne Meadows
Pledge of AshesUrban FantasyAmy Sevan

Thriller/Horror Tier 1 Reviews


Thriller/Horror Tier 2 Reviews

Anatomy of a Darkened HeartHistorical Psychological ThrillerChristie Stratos
Brotherhood of SecretsHistorical Psychological ThrillerChristie Stratos
The Line BetweenThrillerTosca Lee
A Single LightThrillerTosca Lee
Shattered DreamsHorror/Dark FantasyUlff Lehman
Shattered HopesHorror/Dark FantasyUlff Lehman
Shattered FearsHorror/Dark FantasyUlff Lehman

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 1 Reviews

The Dark That DwellsSciFiMatt Digman and Ryan Roddy
SlayerSci-fi RomanceCyndi Friberg

SciFi/Fantasy - Tier 2 Reviews

Voodoo ButterflyParanormal RomanceCamille Faye
EmergenceParanormal RomanceCamille Faye
FlightParanormal RomanceCamille Faye
The Crystal FlameFantasy Romance/Fairy TalesShirley McCoy
Crucible of TimeSciFiJeffrey A. Carver
The Reefs of TimeSciFiJeffrey A. Carver
Among UsSciFiKristina Rienzi

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 1 Reviews

A Tainted MindSuspenseTamsen Schultz
Torn by VengeanceRomanticSally Brandle
The Mocking ManRomanticLeslie Georgeson

Mystery/Suspense - Tier 2 Reviews

HiddenRomanticMegan Morgan
Desperate DeceptionRomanticDesiree Holt

Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 1


Gay/Erotica/BDSM Tier 2


Children - Middle Grade

An Unexpected Escapade
(releases April 9)
Middle School FantasyKandi Wyatt
An Unexpected AdventureMiddle School FantasyKandi Wyatt

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