Raven Awards Eligible – 2019

August 2018

Cassie Scot – Christine Amsden
Dirty – Rose Wulf
Sudden Secrets – C. Lee McKenzie
Highland Secrets – Elizabeth Rose
Lady and the Wolf – Elizabeth Rose
The Scene – R.M. Gilmore
His to Hold – Jessie Pinkham
Sea of Darkness – Brown & Hamilton
The Girl Who Knew DaVinci – Belle Ami
Something Chosen – Alex Owens
To Fight the Black Wind – Jennifer Brozek
Raven Thrall – J. Elizabeth Vincent
A Journey Home – Angela Scavone
Once Upon a Lady – Addie Jo Ryleigh
High Warrior – Kathryn Le Veque
Escaping from Ruby’s Ranch – Rhonda Frankhouser
The Legacy of Old Gran Parks – Isobel Blackthorn
A Perilous Pursuit – Diane Gilmore
Mountain of the Dead – Jeremy Bates
The Rose Thief – Claire Buss

July 2018

Wicked Descent – YA/Paranormal by Scarlet Kol
Cursed – YA/Paranormal by Trakena Prevost
Red – Paranormal – Tara Vasser
In Fair Brighton – Contemporary-Mafia Romance by Elena Kincaid
Love on the Line – Contemporary Romance by Laura M. Baird
Claimed by the Gods – Fantasy Romance – by Eva Chase
No Coming Back – Contemporary Romance by Jessie Salisbury
Highland Faith – Historical Highlands by Madelyn Hill
Redemption – Contemporary Romance by Kim Loraine
Fallen Angel – Fantasy Novella by J.L. Meyers
Tempting Fate – Historical Victorian by Michelle Jean Marie
Fire in Ice – YA/Paranormal by Jennifer DiGiovanni
Make Me a Match – Contemporary Romance by Mackenzie Lucas