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Haven Cage
Urban Fantasy

Nevaeh Richards thinks she has found a chance to leave her homeless life behind. When the spirit of the only father she knows is wrongfully taken to Hell, Nevaeh is hurled into a world haunted by monstrous demons, rogue Guardian angels, love that is beyond her control, and a soul-threatening choice between the inherent evil inside her and the faltering faith she is struggling to grasp.

Nevaeh and George have lived on the streets as father and daughter since he found her, alone and unconscious, many years ago. When they start a new life employed at Joe’s cafe, Nevaeh experiences debilitating visions and frightening apparitions. Adding to the troubling path her life has taken, George suddenly becomes ill and an Animus demon takes his soul hostage in Hell. Unfortunately, the ransom may be more than Nevaeh can afford.

As Nevaeh spirals into this supernatural world, Gavyn—the handsome café-owner—tries to convince her that she belongs to a hidden race of people with God-given gifts known as Celatum, and she may be a key player in the Celestial war. However, even after all the otherworldly events she experiences, Nevaeh continues to deny her part in it all.

Meanwhile, Archard—a stranger she feels undeniably bonded to—mysteriously wanders in and out of her life, offering none of the answers she suspects he holds.

Will Nevaeh attain the faith it requires to fulfill her fate as a Celata and take part in the Celestial fight? Or will she give into the darkness that calls to her for the sake of George’s soul and damn herself to Hell?

Uncaged Review: I read so much that sometimes I get into a funk. But this book brought me right back out of it. A story with Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell, and even the voice of God, but still isn’t an in-your-face religious, preachy book. What it does do, is show the characters epic battle within themselves of the good vs. evil with the ultimate good and the ultimate evil.

We start out at the bottom of the pile, with Nevaeh and an older man who has taken care of her – George, living on the streets. Things begin to look up for them when they get a job at a local diner, and Gavyn, the owner gives them a chance. Nevaeh has no memories of what her childhood was like before her life on the streets, and when she begins to have visions and seeing people who aren’t there, she begins to question her sanity. But when Nevaeh’s Guardian Angel, Archard appears, things start to really start clicking into place and the book takes on epic proportions. And soon, Nevaeh must choose where she stands..

I won’t give any spoilers, this is a highly charged, emotional roller coaster for both the reader and Neveah. I wasn’t sure where this was going in the first few pages, but it really out performed any expectations I had. It does leave on a cliffhanger setting up for book two. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars

Haven Cage
Urban Fantasy

Nevaeh has to face the overpowering gravity of her choice to save those she loves while striving for strength to fight her greatest threat—herself.

Nevaeh Richards makes her declaration. Living a life in which she has few possessions, she sacrifices the only thing of worth she has to offer—what the Dark One wants the most—all for the slim chance of redeeming the souls of George, the man who raised her, and Gavyn, the Light Celata who holds a piece of her heart.

Her gifts are unfurling now, but so is a fierce, unpredictable beast inside her. While she struggles to keep herself—and the beast—in check, she has to play the part of a Dark Celata and fulfill every wickedly tempting task the evil beings command of her. Each mission she goes on, each time she uses her gifts, the line she toes between the woman she used to be and the monster she reluctantly yearns to become grows thinner.

As Nevaeh deals with her own turmoil, Archard watches the world he’s accepted as his own begin to suffer for the mistakes he’s made. The sacred laws which segregate the realms and hinder demons from freely moving among humans are less and less effective with each passing day. He’s failed to keep Nevaeh out of Evil’s clutches, and so the shadows of Hell are creeping through. In an attempt to right his wrongs—and heal the hole in his heart—Archard chases his elusive woman, but every lead that should bring him closer to Nevaeh only ends with more questions about who she is, where she comes from, and how to save her—if he can save her at all.

Will Nevaeh survive the soul-severing decision she’s made?

Will those who love Nevaeh survive her?

Uncaged Review: The second book in the series takes off right where the first one left off. This time out, the point of views jump between Nevaeh and Archard with each chapter, so you are able to get the info on both sides of the realms. The writing is just as spectacular as the first book, and you are pushed and pulled through the emotional roller coaster even more with this one. The reader and Nevaeh get answers to the questions brought up in the first book and we learn more about the characters – we even get to see some back story.

Be warned, this book is so emotionally charged that it will leave you mentally and physically exhausted at times and the main character gets very little down time, or happiness in this book. Personally, I’d like more of a balance and I still wonder how much more that Nevaeh can take before she just completely loses or gives up the fight. The only light at the end of the tunnel is if Archard can bring her back or not. Again, this book ends on a cliffhanger so be prepared. You can bet that I’m going to be onboard for the finale on this one. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars