Willful in Winter
Scarlett Scott
Historical Regency

Rand, Viscount Aylesford, needs a fiancée, and he needs one now. His requirements are concise: she must not embarrass him, and she must understand he has no intention of ever marrying her.

Miss Grace Winter is the most stubborn of the notorious Wicked Winters. When her brother decrees she must marry well, she is every bit as determined to avoid becoming a nobleman’s wife. She would never marry a lord, especially not one as arrogant and insufferable as Aylesford.

But pretending is another matter entirely. She has to admit the viscount’s idea of a feigned betrothal between them would not be without its merits. Until Aylesford kisses her, and to her dismay, she likes it.

Soon, their mutually beneficial pretense blossoms into something far more dangerous to both their hearts…

Uncaged Review: This shorter read is a whole lot of fun. The Winter’s sisters are not for the faint of heart – and their brother Dev, sure has his hands full. The sisters have in their possession, a set of books that have stories that they could never let their brother know they have, with the hot scenes and images. When Grace is caught reading one of the books, she becomes the target from Rand Aylesford, who needs a fiancée and he uses the book and his knowledge of Grace reading it to his advantage.

I won’t tell the outcome, or the story itself, but this is a fun afternoon interlude with a bit of humor and some steamy scenes to warm you up. The chemistry between the main characters is spot on and the sisters are a hoot. The more I read from this author, the higher on my list of favorite authors she goes. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars