Wild Side
Shane Silvers
Urban Fantasy

To become a Godkiller you have to awaken the monster inside you…

Almost a year has passed since Nate’s ex-fiancée woke up a Greek god intent on world domination and war. The problem? He doesn’t know which god. And the promised war hasn’t started yet.

With the Four Horsemen refusing to help, and an army of monsters living on his lawn, Nate resorts to the one thing he’s best at—pissing off demigods and Greek Heroes in hopes of jump-starting the war.

But then he receives an ominous invitation that he literally cannot refuse. A dark, deadly place where nightmares roam free demands an audience. The Land of the Fae.

He must forget every story he’s heard about the Fae. They’re nothing like he imagined, nothing like he’s been told… Because to kill a god, he needs to learn how to become a monster.

Uncaged Review: I was actually on the fence with this book, especially the first half as it was a tad on the confusing side when Nate gets an invitation to the Land of the Fae, which this dark land changes everybody in the group – Nate, Tory, Ashley and Sir Muffle Paws, and not so much Carl. It went far out there, even for the Temple universe. Not many people survive this land, and Nate steals back a mortal child that had been switched with a changeling fae child, that had been killed. Each person will find their wild side…and either come together with it and embrace it, or be lost forever. There are a few twists that I never really guessed, but that happens often in this series.

The second half of this book is where all the action really kicks up a notch. I was also glad to see Callie Penrose from the Feathers and Fire series back in this book. I like this match up much better than the one with Indie, many books ago. Whether the author takes it in that direction is not known yet. This book will bring some endings, and some new problems. And I almost want to run over and grab book eight right away and remain in Nate’s world, but I think I need time to absorb everything first. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars