Who the Marquess Dares to Desire
Tabetha Waite
Historical Regency

A man bent on revenge. A woman with a shadowed past. Together, they must face down a common foe.

Miss Clara Upton has always been different. Society shuns her for her mismatched eyes. But when she is offered the chance at a proper London season, she isn’t about to waste a good opportunity. She knows the odds of ensnaring a husband for herself are rather slim, but she vows to do whatever is necessary to give her twin sister, Cora, a better life. So, when a shady figure from her childhood resurfaces, threatening her with blackmail, Clara has no choice but to comply with his demands or suffer the consequences. As she ventures out one fateful winter night, she comes face to face with an adversary of a different sort, a rather seductive marquess who doesn’t know when to mind his own business…

Drayven Hollowell, the Marquess of Sussex, has only had one objective in life – bring down the criminals responsible for murdering his parents and shattering his world. He joined the Home Office as an agent in order to utilize all of the resources at his disposal, but his quest for retribution has yet to be fulfilled, as one man has continued to elude his clutches. Now, just as it seems that vengeance is finally in his grasp, he stumbles across a woman who is just as intriguing as she is lovely. When he uncovers a shocking discovery, he has to make a choice between justice and the woman who’s slowly stolen his heart.

Uncaged Review: This is my first read by this author, and I can honestly say, I hope it’s not my last. The characters are well flushed out and likeable, the romance is allowed to brew and the storyline with the suspense is just enough to keep your interest. One part of the book that was a bit of a letdown was the danger element, it seemed to be solved too easily, but when a lot of the happy parts of an ending in a book is rushed, this author takes her time and gives the story a proper send off, and the epilogue sets up the next book nicely. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars