White Pawn
Ingrid Seymour

Bianca is a Trove. Her blood is so powerful it allows vampires to stroll in the sunlight.

She lives a socialite life of masquerades, governesses and flirting with eligible men like the handsome thief, Nyro Stonehelm, who openly defies the vampire King and Queen.
Soon a visit from the King brings Bianca face to face with a terrible reality—her father has gambled away everything, and still owes the King’s Court more. To set an example, the King executes her father. That one fateful morning, Bianca loses everything she ever knew. 
With his last breath, her father confesses she’s a Trove and begs her to run. Instead, she swears revenge and joins the Queen’s Court, determined to destroy the King one day.
But how is a Trove to live amongst vampires without being discovered and made a blood slave? And how is her life linked to the handsome thief?

Uncaged Review: This is a very cleverly written book, with a very cool theme using the game of chess as the backstop. Bianca is a Trove, whose blood would enable a vampire to walk in the sun and is a highly desired prize to the vampires as blood slaves. The only way she’s been able to hide it is the fact that she is taking a plant called bloodshade, that hides her scent from vampires. When she loses everything to the Black King, she joins the Court of the White Queen, with revenge on her agenda. She will have to make it through the ranks to be able to fight the White Queen, take her place and destroy the Black King. But it’s going to be an uphill battle.

I liked the theme and the characters – the author does a real nice job with the pacing of the book. This is not a romance, but maybe in the books to come? Great beginning to a good series.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars