Uncaged Review: Whispers by Shayne Silvers


Shayne Silvers
Urban Fantasy

The Vatican is broken… And Callie’s hearing Whispers in the dark corners of her mind…

One of the Vatican’s most infamous Shepherds has been murdered, and Callie’s friends are the prime suspects. To prove them innocent, Roland and Callie must risk their very souls…

Because Callie can’t reveal that she’s hearing strange Whispers when she uses her magic, or that she’s harboring an Angel’s Grace. And if the Shepherds discover the hellish bargain Roland made, the streets of Rome will flow with blood as brother turns against brother.

And with the Antipope pressuring the Vatican for change, and Nate Temple arriving unannounced to demand an audience with the Shepherds, things couldn’t get any more chaotic.

Until Callie learns of an ancient order of traitors hiding in the Vatican, and they’ll do anything to bring it down—brick by brick.

The only way to find the traitor, keep her secrets, and save those she loves is to raise her blade against these Holy warriors of God, shattering the Vatican itself.

And the Whispers in her head find all of this so terribly…amusing.

Uncaged Review: This series is fast becoming
a mainstay in the Templeverse for me. And what
continually sweetens the deal for me is the crossovers
with Nate Temple, I like that the author
keeps these separate, but together, as I learn more
about Callie and Nate in both. I still like this as a
romantic pairing, but I don’t know that will be the
There is a lot going on in this book, a Shepherd
who was Roland’s mentor, has been murdered in
Vatican City, and two young werewolf girls that
Roland and Callie rescued are the main suspects
and Roland and Callie will have to find a way to
prove their innocence. Roland will pay a steep
price. We still don’t know what the Whispers are
that Callie hears, but she’s learning to go with her
Nate Temple shows up for a short interlude, and
things turn even more chaotic when he leaves.
With an Antipope and other top ranking Shepherds
controlling and watching their every move,
This book sets a great pace, and it’s hard to put
down once you begin. Especially when you get to
the halfway point. Highly recommended series.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars