What the Clocks Know
Rumer Haven

Twenty-six-year-old Margot sets out on a journey of self-discovery – she dumps her New York boyfriend, quits her Chicago job, and crashes at her friend’s flat in London. 

Rather than find herself, though, she only feels more lost. An unsettling energy affects her from the moment she enters the old Victorian residence, and she spirals into depression. Frightened and questioning her perceptions, she gradually suspects her dark emotions belong to Charlotte instead. 

Who is Charlotte? The name on a local gravestone could relate to Margot’s dreams and the grey woman weeping at the window.
Finding a ghost isn’t what she had in mind when she went ‘soul searching’, but somehow Margot’s future may depend on Charlotte’s past.

Uncaged Review: Set in present time and crossing over to19th century Victorian time, we meet Margot who is fleeing from America to London after a split with her boyfriend James. Staying at her friend Rand’s London Victorian resident she begins to encounter strange ghostly visions.
This is a story filled with love, betrayal and the dabbling of spirit boards.
This is my first read by Rumer Haven and I found myself caught up with Margot’s story and 19th century Victorian London. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars