War Hammer
Shayne Silvers
Urban Fantasy

Two old dudes want to kill me. Oh, and one of them is my ancestor…

And after centuries of practice, they’re pretty good at the whole murder thing. But at least they want to kill each other just as badly.

Now, I’ve taken down a Greek Goddess, worn a Horseman’s Mask, and I ride a homicidal unicorn who hates rainbows with a passion. Some might say sending two senior citizens to a permanent retirement home should be a breeze.

It ain’t.

Because that’s not my biggest concern. One of my friends is in danger, or possibly dying, and I need to get her back before her fiancé kills me. But finding her introduces me to new worlds of pain. The biggest of these being my own past—which has been a blatant lie—and a parting gift from my parents—which might have just been the coin toss for the Apocalypse Olympics.

I’m beginning to realize that none of the old Gods, Legends, or Monsters have been idle the last few centuries. They’ve been waiting, picking sides, and scheming schemes.

Of course, maybe one of those two old dudes will punch my ticket and save me the headache. A wizard can Hope, right? Because either way, I’m about to have a very bad series of days…

Uncaged Review: The stage is set to return to the Land of Fae, to save Ashley and Pan. But to go back there, is risky, many people are wanting Nate’s head. But many new secrets are revealed that are shocking and even more questions are haunting both Nate and the reader. Some of the characters will come into their own in this one. This book is action packed and not as heavy as the last book, it continues to progress and stay fresh and exciting. I really hope Nate gets some down time soon, he needs to sleep for about a week straight.

I like that Callie came back briefly, which is (hopefully) setting the base for a relationship with Nate in the future. She’s a thousand times better choice for Nate than Indie was. This series also has a couple of different spin-offs now, and it’s a universe that keeps on giving. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars