To Tame a Viscount
Jenn Langston
Historical Regency

Kaylee Shepherd knew there was much more to life than marriage when she’d left her stepbrother’s house to begin Lady Constance’s House of Reform three years ago. Now, more than ever, she is determined to experience everything she is able before she is too old to enjoy it. When Simon Highgate, Viscount Washburne, makes his interest in her known, she seizes the opportunity. One night with him is more than she could imagine and one she will never forget.

Once Simon reached his twenty-fifth year, a special stipulation in his father’s will was revealed to him. Regardless of his desires, he must wed a maiden of proper breeding whose behavior is above reproach, or his birthright will pass to his cousin. Duty-bound, he engages the House of Reform to aid his search for a bride. Unfortunately, the more time he spends with the enchanting woman assigned to the task, Miss Shepherd, the more he wishes Kaylee fit the requirements. Instinctively, he knows Kaylee would make him a perfect wife. If it weren’t for his sisters, he would go against his father’s wishes and claim Kaylee, regardless of her social standing. With his hands tied, he plans to make the most of the time they have together until he must wed another.

As Simon’s attention toward Kaylee increases, she finds denying him more difficult. Although marriage isn’t what she wants, she can see the merit in sharing stolen moments with him. However, each instance she gives in to him makes it more difficult to control the building passion she feels for him. Worse yet, she’s beginning to wonder if she will be able to handle watching him wed another and leave her to live out her life alone.

Uncaged Review: Kaylee Shepherd works as an instructor at Lady Constance’s House Of Reform. Where ladies go to brush up on talents and men go to find a wife. Kaylee loves not being tied down by marriage and doing her own thing. But suddenly this is about to change. This is the second book in the Series but can be read as a standalone novel. Upon reading this as I started with book two it took me a while to get a grasp of the characters in this. Even with them only been briefly mentioned in the previous book. At times I did get annoyed with Kaylee as she was rather naive in certain circumstances. But soon redeemed herself. This was an enjoyable read and after reading a bonus sampler of book three. I’m excited to continue with this series. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars