This Old Cafe
Marci Boudreaux
Contemporary Romance

Jenna Reid purchased the Stonehill Café to prove to herself that her ex-husband was wrong…that she could make her dreams come true. Three years later, all she has is a crumbling building, no social life, and her bruised pride.

Pride is something Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Maguire lost long ago and isn’t likely to find living in the alley behind the café. He just needs a little time to get on his feet. In the interim, keeping an eye on the overworked café owner gives him a sense of purpose. He has no intentions of making his presence known until he hears the woman screaming late one night.

Uncaged Review: This Old Café was a refreshing look at second chance small town romance. The characters were believable and not over the top. There were points in the book that made me want to cry and parts that made me laugh. I gave the book four stars only because it was hard to connect with the characters in the beginning. I felt that there wasn’t enough description of Daniel and Jenna to connect. The book also ended abruptly, jolting me and making me yearn for a better conclusion. Still the book was well-written and interesting. I look forward to reading more from this author! Reviewed by Skylar

4 Stars