Things Only the Darkness Knows

~ A collection of horror stories and poems by eleven authors and poets

Have you ever wondered what goes bump in the night? Or what goes through the minds of cold-blooded killers? You can find out in this collection of dark and controversial stories and poems.

Trigger warning: Some of these stories contain graphic violence, murder, suicide, and strong language.

Thirty frightening and brutally honest short stories and poems. Not for the faint of heart.


Uncaged Review: Spooky tales from a slightly dark twisted version of Cinderella. To a killer on Twitter. Or an adoption gone wrong. Killer holidays and haunted GPS Systems. I think if you like your stories a little dark and mysterious. This book is for you to read in the darkness or not. But things only the darkness knows will creep in to bed with you. You have been warned.

I have read a few of these types of stories. By some of the writers involved in writing this book, on their own individual books. They are worth a read. A very good book. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars