The Withering Palace
Alexia Purdy
Young Adult/Fantasy

Untold darkness rules the Unseelie realm of the Land of Faerie. Hidden in this vast area, Aveta, the future queen of the Unseelie Army, perfects her gifts over lifetimes. Learning that magic isn’t the only way to manipulate the world around her, this naive girl grows into a woman of strength and cunning, ultimately becoming one of the most feared leaders in Faerie.

Uncaged Review: A short jaunt into an Unseelie story, almost like a fairy tale. The young Unseelie Princess Aveta, is the rightful Queen to the Unseelie, the throne stolen from her grandmother by her blackhearted mother, Elisandra. Elisandra tortures Aveta, but Aveta escapes through the castle labyrinth to a secret land inside faerie, where she meets her love, Cranston, and learns to avoid and grow her powers as the rightful heir when it will be her time to challenge her mother for the thrown.

Even though this is a shorter book, it crams a lot of information without boring the reader. It also gives you a great jumpstart into the Dark Faerie Tale series, and more in-depth about Queen Aveta, without leaving you on a cliffhanger. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars