The Scandalous Inheritance
Nancy Smith Gibson
Historical Romance/20th Century

It’s 1919 and the Great War is over. Soldiers are returning home and want their jobs back. When Alise is replaced by a returning soldier, the letter from an attorney in Texas comes at an opportune time. She is sole heir to her aunt’s estate: a house, business, and money.

Hoping the house is suitable to open a bakery, Alise takes the next train to claim her inheritance, but it isn’t at all what she expected.

Returning home from the war, Owen’s wounds aren’t just physical. His brusque attitude causes him to rebuff Alise on the train to Texas, and he offends her at every turn once they’ve arrived in Rock Springs.

Secrets and misunderstandings stand between them, until passion pulls them together. Can forgiveness allow them to forge a future together?

Uncaged Review: Miss Alise Rose Taylor loses her job in St. Louis at the end of WWI when the soldiers return from the war. She is careful to hide her real last name of Scheider which is German for tailor. There was much prejudice against the Germans due to the war regardless of how long they had been in the country or if they came here because they disagreed with the policies in Germany.
Miss Taylor ends up inheriting a house of ill repute from her Aunt Rose Alise Threadgill. The story revolves around how she handles the inheritance (she doesn’t keep the house) and the man Owen Gomance who she meets on the train to Rock Springs Texas to get her inheritance. She ends up getting involved with Owen, but there is much that happens before then.
This tale was well told, kept to historical facts and was quite believable. It kept you turning the pages to see what would happen next with Alise, how was this woman you want to root for and Owen who you know has to change from being the surly rude man you first see on the train. The cast of characters become like your friends as you learn more about each one, which to me, the best a book can be. It is a tale which holds a lot of truths for today about prejudices, differences, kindness, caring and love.
I gave this book 5 stars for the wonderful characters you meet in it and the lessons we all can learn through a well-written book which pulls you into the story with a good ending. Reviewed by Barbara

5 Stars