The Savage from the Sea
Claire Harris

The pagan Vikings pillage the shores of Anglo-Saxon England, striking fear in the hearts of the people. Fighting alongside the men, Finna Vidisdóttir is all too happy to participate in their destruction, until a near-fatal defeat lands her in the hands of the enemy. …

Uncaged Review: Finna was raised and trained as a warrior for her clan. Strong and capable, and when they plan a raid on enemy lands, most of her clan is killed along with her husband. Taken captive, she slowly learns that the leader of the clan, Colby, is an honorable man and she fights her growing feelings. As she gains his trust, will she be able to go back to her clan when the bartering is over?

This is a really well done Viking historical. Finna is a warrior and Colby doesn’t understand how women from Finna’s clan can be allowed to fight, when he believes women need to be cherished and honored. As feelings grow between them, each of them see the honor and passion in the other.

This book is hard to put down – even from the first chapter – it captured my interest and held it all the way through. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars