The Reluctant Wife
Caroline Warfield
Historical Regency

Captain Fred Wheatly’s comfortable life on the fringes of Bengal comes crashing down around him when his mistress dies, leaving him with two children he never expected to have to raise. When he chooses justice over army regulations, he’s forced to resign his position, leaving him with no way to support his unexpected family. He’s already had enough failures in his life. The last thing he needs is an attractive, interfering woman bedeviling his steps, reminding him of his duties…

Uncaged Review: The first page starts with a lot of action we are introduced to Fred who learns he has two daughters to care for now. As their mother has suddenly died. A witness to this is Claire, who was hoping to speak to her brother Philip who is Fred’s Major in the army. Claire and Fred find themselves thrown into traveling together, which will hold many problems for them both. I really enjoyed this book it was filled with alot of action and suspense. Enough to keep the readers on their toes. I’m looking forward to reading the next book by this author. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars