The Priestess
L.A. McGinnis
Fantasy Romance

Sydney Barrows makes a living out of digging up the dead. When the world crashes down around her, she goes from digging up the dead to worrying about becoming one of them. But a strange thing happens to a witch who hides her powers.

They find their way back.

Locked away in a stone fortress, a band of immortal gods are the only beings capable of saving humanity. When Sydney and Mir’s paths collide, the sexy God of Wisdom awakens her powers in ways she didn’t dream possible. Together, they race against time to uncover the secret of Sydney’s past before it destroys everything she loves.

Uncaged Review: In the 3rd book of this series, we read about Mir and Sydney. Again, I still don’t recommend anyone read this series out of order. Even though each book centers around a specific couple, the overall story arc continues and keeping everything straight really does mean you should read them in order, you won’t be sorry.

The main arc is ramping up, and even though the title of this book gives away a spoiler on it’s own, just like Return of the King title gave away a part of the Lord of the Rings. But it’s a wild ride, and the action and tension is ramping with each book. There are some good revelations in this book, and a lot of answers – but there are always more questions, but the author keeps baiting the readers and giving us enough to stay afloat. The chemistry between Mir and Syd is spot on, and the god is going to have his hands full with this one. The plot thickens, and I went straight to book four. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars