The Lost and the Chosen
Ivy Asher
Paranormal Romance

My name is Vinna, and I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets.

You would too if you’d experienced some of the weird shit I have: red-eyed monsters chasing me, markings on my body appearing out of nowhere, a strange power that crackles colorfully over my skin from time to time, and don’t get me started on the weapons I can conjure up almost out of nowhere.

Lucky for me, I have yet to meet someone whose ass I couldn’t kick, inside the ring or out. I put that to the test when I run headfirst into a fight that brings all my secrets, and reality as I know it, crashing down around me.

Now, I’m looking for answers and trying to piece together what the hell is going on. Paranormal is my new way of life. It’s not going to be easy, and I’m not exactly welcome.

That is, until I meet the boys, and trust me, they are anything but boyish.

I’m up against elders who think I’m too powerful, a family who views me as a threat, and something lurking in the shadows that’s been coming for me my whole life.

There’s not a chance in hell I’m going down without a fight. I’m not lost anymore, and I’m about to show this world exactly what I can do.

Uncaged Review: This book is touted as a reverse harem, so I was wondering what I was getting myself into, but I was pleasantly surprised. The series could be leading up to being a “more sexy” series, but it’s not overwhelming at all – but you can start to see the build up in this book with the Chosen.

I was hooked. From Vinna to the boys, it’s a good supporting cast – and each character definitely has their own voice – so it’s hard to decide which you like better. The action is non-stop, it does end at a minor cliffhanger – nothing heartwrenching, but there are already three books out in the series. The world building is excellent. The mystery of Vinna and the answers are surprising – specially the reveal at the end – but also left a lot of questions which I look forward to reading. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars