A January Top Read

The Longest Night
Danielle Devon
Gothic Romance

A dark and chilling gothic romance

Such a sad sort of sickness, the way Lucien watched her. She no longer prayed to the night and yet he stayed on. Hidden behind the veil, lost in the shadows, for years, watching, listening, waiting for her to call him.

Trapped in her new life as the second Lady Merrick, Isabella had long since turned away from her childhood rituals for the sake of duty. Yet with each day that past, she slipped deeper into a world of quiet despair. Until the night her drunken husband pushes too far.

Will she summon Lucien forth or will she take fate into her own hands?

Uncaged Review: This is the second novella in a series, the first one being A Good Night, and this one jumps in right after the events of the last book. In this book, Isabella has just buried her abusive father, and is told by her sisters and her mother, that she needs to find a suitable husband, namely a man named Lord Merrick. Cut to a few years into the cold, loveless marriage, Isabella has grown cold and without feelings for much of life. Only when her mother gifts her two puppies to help with the loneliness, does Isabella show any type of happiness.
Lucien, still watches from the shadows. Watching how the light and happiness is no longer present in Isabella’s life. When Lord Merrick kills one of her dogs, it sets in motion a string of events that will conclude this chapter.
I still don’t know what or who Lucien is, and even though I felt the strongest for him in this chapter, I can only hope he re-emerges in the next installment stronger than ever. These books are well written and beautifully done, but they leave a lot more questions than they do answers. Well worth the read. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars