The Light of Redemption
Natalie J. Damschroder
New Adult/Fantasy

Harmony Wilde is a unique kind of superhero. She operates as Eclipse in a small town in Ohio instead of the big city, on her own instead of on a team, and in near-complete anonymity. For the most part, she’s satisfied with using her ability, manipulating light, to bust drug dealers, and prevent drunk drivers—until Conn Parsons comes to town. 

Conn has been a superhero all over the world. Dissatisfied with the little bit of good she can do in comparison, Harmony asks Conn to train her. He refuses, feeling responsible for superhero and civilian deaths in big-city incidents. He doesn’t want to risk the same thing happening here. But the attraction between them is hard to fight, and so is her determination.

Then small-town problems get bigger, and it looks like both Eclipse and Conn are being targeted by CASE, the Citizens Against Superhero Existence, who are responsible for those city disasters. When her town seems destined to become collateral damage and the stakes get personal, Harmony must tap undeveloped powers and convince Conn to work with her to stop their mutual enemy. The only problem is that when they succeed, it may give Conn the redemption he needs to move on, away from Pilton . . . and away from Harmony.

Uncaged Review: In the small town of Pilton there’s a masked superhero called Eclipse catching bad guys. While keeping her identity under wraps or so she would like to think. I really enjoyed this book, some of the plot was a bit cheesy at times – but the kind that makes you laugh out loud. You know this isn’t the greatest book ever written, but you love reading it believing that you could do Eclipse’s job of kicking butt. I am a sucker for superheroes so when I spotted this book I knew it was going to be a hidden gem. I went along with this action packed ride and wasn’t disappointed. Worth checking out. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars