The Fall of Arcades
Azriel Hope
Fantasy Romance

Though I am the darkness…let me be your light!

Farrow Latimer, Prince of the Arcades:

I am the prince of darkness, the executioner and fallen angel royalty who is forbidden love. No matter how many men or women I take to my bed none capture my heart.

As the Arcades teem with lust, debauchery, and destruction, I neither relish nor abhor my role as the most brutal of all and then I catch her….the small fairy halfling who changes my world.

Rayelynn Astraides, first daughter of the Commander of Landharn’s West Shore:

The fallen angels litter the skies coming to claim us. I am running from the monstrous man my father is to make me marry for failing battle school when they attack. Fallen angels are all about us and in my fear I tuck myself away.

There, beside the tree where I hide, he stands, tall, majestic, handsome… and deadly. He lets me run and I return to the battlefield to tend our wounded as I am a gifted healer. When the beguiling dark angel returns, he takes me as his prisoner.

I see such horror and sadness during my incarceration, but none greater than that which lies within the fallen prince who is disallowed love yet risks all for it.

Uncaged Review: This is a well written first novel in
this series – and the play on the author’s pen name is
not lost on me. Well, at least I “think” it’s a pen name.
The world that is built here is dark and tragic, and
brutal and evil and corrupt. Rayelynn is part fairy, a
gentle soul that is gifted at healing. Farrow’s life is
thrown into disarray– a fallen angel who is forbidden
to love when he comes into contact with Rayelynn.
Rayelynn will change Farrow’s life – and he will see
who he truly is because of her.

This is a well written fantasy, and one that was hard
to put down. This newer author did a good job pulling
me into the story, and it was different than most of
the fantasy romances that I’ve read. This book does
have quite a bit of violence, and there is a love scene,
but it’s toward the back half of the book. If you like
fantasy romances that have fallen angels, fairies and
immortals to name a few, this could be a good selection.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars