The Dragon’s Flame
Karin Shah
Paranormal Romance

For her crime there can be no forgiveness …

Billionaire chimera-shifter Kyle Mara’s hold on his humanity is slipping away. Fortunately, his mate has at last been revealed. Unfortunately, she’s the wicked witch who almost killed one of his brothers. 

Backed into a corner by her father, CJ Bansbach had one job to do: bring back chimera genetic material for cloning and kill the donor. Her failure resulted in a year of imprisonment and torture. Being broken out by a chimera on the verge of going feral, even if he kills her or turns her over to the Ethereal council for judgement, seems like a change for the better. Until he tells her she’s his mate.

Plunged into a treasure hunt to break the bond, they must race to find the pieces of a mythical sword while pursued by CJ’s former employers and fighting the pure sexual heat that sparks every time they touch, because forgiveness isn’t Kyle’s to grant and his family’s happiness is everything to him.

Uncaged Review: What happens when a chimera and a witch walk into a bar…but I digress. This is the 5th book in a series, but I did not get lost at all, the author does a good job with the story so that a reader can pick up the series at any place, but – I still think I would have had a better experience reading this story if I had read the first four. You don’t “have” to, this one held up well, but the secondary characters don’t just pop up and say hello, they are a true supporting cast, so it would have been nice to have their backgrounds.

This is a case of a mate being also the enemy, and for them to break the bond, they will need to find a special artifact.

The nice part about this story is the author does a nice job with the background and keeping CJ likeable enough, even though she works for the enemy. I liked the original content and am looking forward to going back and reading the other books in the series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars