The Demon Lord
Nikki Frank
Young Adult/Fantasy

An imp living secretly among humans, all Olivia wants is a quiet senior year. The discovery that her only friend has ties to the magic world places him on the top of the Demon Lord’s list for collection. Now she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Emmett safe, even if it means working with a mini-menagerie of magic-folk who rub her the wrong way. 

As the danger escalates, Olivia discovers friends aren’t nearly as hard to come by as she’d always thought. She soon realizes that friends are worth fighting for, and maybe even worth dying for.

Uncaged Review: First of all, this book is marketed in the wrong category, it’s in the Young Adult/Social Issues – and although there is that topic within the book, this is a pure fantasy novel at its core, and I loved the book. It had all the elements that took me out of my own mundane world and into an escape of the supernatural.

When the magic world finds out that her human best friend Emmett, is a source of magic – Olivia, an imp will join forces with a crazy menagerie of magical characters to keep him safe. And what a great ride, the secondary characters are spot on, and the action and fight scenes are dramatic. From imps to dragons to fae to sphinx, this is a book that kept me flipping the pages – and I stayed up way too long finishing it. Can’t wait for book two. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars