The Crimson Legacies
De Graff & Glidewell
YA Fantasy

On the eve of the blood moon, Eden will fall.

When the King and Queen don’t believe the plea for help from a young boy, Princess Sabina is forced to take action on her own. Venturing into the wastelands, she discovers a vast army unnaturally approaching the fortress.

Lead by the Pale Rider, the wicked creatures of death advance upon the Kingdom of Eden.

Seeing through the eyes of a dying seer, Edwin Frasier is forced to accept his bloodline. The son of the Alpha ranked member in the Royal Guard, he must find a way to work with his blood aversions. It is up to him to save Princess Sabina once Eden has fallen.

Uncaged Review: I liked the start of this series, it’s got a good premise and the prophecy that is told could put an end to their world. Edwin, is a wolf shifter who has controlled his shifting tendencies – and also blood makes him ill. He will need to come to terms with being a shifter and helping Princess Sabina.

This book had some really really good moments, there was also some moments that were a bit drawn out, but that seems to be a tightrope that authors have to walk in the beginning of a series, enough information to keep understanding, or too much/too little. My biggest issue with this book is the cliffhanger. I don’t appreciate cliffhangers, I don’t mind continuation of the series, but wrapping up a book itself and carrying over a main arc is fine, but not when it’s cut off in a bad spot. Other than that, this is a young adult that has a very encouraging beginning. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars