Storm Watch
Carole Ann Moleti

Mike and Liz thought they’d gotten control of the specters haunting the Barrett Inn. 

But things get very complicated when the specters are really the ghosts from your past life. 

The Category Five Hurricane bearing down on Cape Cod appears to be headed directly for them—or has it been spawned from inside them? 

Knowing it’s their last chance to end the hauntings, Mike and Liz must decide whether to run or to defy evacuation orders. 

Will they survive the storm?

Uncaged Review: I think I would have really enjoyed the story of Liz and Mike if I had read it from the beginning. As read, I was a little confused throughout. After getting past a little of the confusion, it was a good story with just the right amount of creepiness. I will be reading the first books in the trilogy! Reviewed by Skylar

4 Stars