A February Top Read

Stan: The Awakening
Richard Wold

A controversial New York artist is entangled in a dramatic clash between good and evil.
Ever since he survived his suicide attempt, New York artist Stan Foster has not been himself. Plagued by amnesia and a head full of visions of death and destruction, he claws his way through a life he doesn’t recognize. The search for his true identity leads him to believe he is Satan: spit out from the bowels of hell to live among the mortal inhabitants of earth. Is he delusional, or is there truth behind this troubling revelation?

Stan must piece together who he was with only clues he stumbles across. Eventually, he must decide if he wants to remain who he used to be or become someone new. Stan’s psychiatrist, Abigail, is committed to help him find his true identity. She too must overcome her troubled background to offer him the redemption he is after.

Uncaged Review: Stan found himself wanting to end his own life but was unsuccessful. By jumping off a bridge. Now he can’t remember who he is. One thing he does remember is that art played a big part in his life somehow. Stan slowly remembers a little each day thanks to his doctor. Only problem is it’s awakened a gift in him that can sense all the evil that other people have inflicted on each other.

I really enjoyed this book and there’s even more secrets to learn about Stan. A good dark read, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is Richard Wold’s first book I will certainly read more of his books. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars