Splatterpunk’s Not Dead
Horror Anthology

From the creator of Splatterpunk Zine comes Splatterpunk’s Not Dead, an anthology consisting of 8 horror stories, ranging from new upcoming writers to genre favourites, featuring new fiction by Jeff Strand, Adam Cesare, Shane McKenzie, Nathan Robinson, Robert Essig, Brendan Vidito, Saul Bailey and Paul Shrimpton.

Uncaged Review: A short booklet called Splatterpunk that is done so well. It’s built itself a loyal fan base which progressed into a bunch of writer’s coming together to make this book. For fans of splatters gore and horror.

We meet all sorts of crazy characters in this book, from people improving their cars to make them deadly with actual weapons, to a lonely old man finding a magical book behind his wall to having it all go wrong.

One story in itself deserves 5 stars is Beware the Beverage by Jeff Strand. With me being a big fan of energy drinks find this story really amusing. A new craze has people buying Rocket Ship energy drink by the truckload. Its key ingredient being Martian blood gives the drinker’s super energy that can do other humans harm. The population dwindles due to humans killing each other. They can’t even get the drink banned and the Martians have had enough. So they decide to come down to earth to teach the world a lesson. Even the end of the story is funny. Kinda puts you off energy drinks.

This is a real short book but it should have something in it for everybody to read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars