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Spirit Song
Tessa McFionn
Paranormal Romance

The assassin and the angel. Can her song redeem his soul?

Miranda Devalande had long since given up on her dreams of a happy life. Forced to sing at mob boss Slick Sal’s seedy nightclub to cover her brother’s rising gambling debts, she survives from day to day as a caged bird. With each new bad bet by her wayward brother, her hope of finding a way free of her “contract” fades. Until a mysterious stranger arrives at the club and turns her whole life upside down…

Danger has always swirled around reluctant Guardian Warrior Sebastian Lambert. Trained as an assassin and recruited out of desperation, he now battles the evils of power-hungry Rogues in Chicago. When his friend and fellow Guardian Viktor Arnhart drags him into a nightclub, he would have never imagined to find an angel at the mic.

Caught between his desire to keep Miranda safe and his drive to hold her close, Bastian must walk the line between the light of a beautiful songstress and the dark of his perilous past even as dangerous forces threaten to destroy them both. Will he open his heart to her in time, or will she fall prey to her soulless fate?

Uncaged Review: The third book in The Guardian series is as mesmerizing as the first two. I really need to learn that once I start a book by Tessa McFionn, I won’t be able to stop reading it until it’s finished. And 3 am on the bedside clock came pretty quick last night. Now, I was wondering how well this author from southern California would pull off the world building in this one, as it’s based in the Chicago area, closer to my own stomping grounds – but she did it with ease.

This book brings use Sebastian and Miranda’s story. Sebastian was changed to a Guardian over 500 years ago, and against his will. So he’s been angry for a very long time. His sidekick in this book is Viktor, who can temper Sebastian’s anger with a touch, his gift as a Channeler. Viktor also provides a whole lot of humor that breaks up the tensions of the book.
Body parts start turning up all over the Chicago area. And Sebastian and Viktor can sense the Rogue activity, but the Rogue’s always seem two steps ahead of them. When they end up at a club one night, Sebastian’s whole world is shaken when he sees the gorgeous singer on stage, with the voice of an angel with an underlying sadness. Miranda is singing at a seedy club, owned by a man named Slick Sal, and she is working to pay off her little brothers gambling debts, but little does she know, that Slick Sal will never let her contract expire….

Fantastic action sequences, never a dull moment. The character and world building is second-to-none, and the author manages to give you both easily without bogging down the story. This is a series book but easily read as a standalone. This is a series that is highly recommended.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars