David Kummer
Young Adult/Thriller

It’s been twenty years since the children went missing. Everybody has forgotten. They always do. And now, they’ll regret it.

Hardy is a sleepy town on the river. In 1995, it’s nothing special. Nobody pays attention to it. Nobody thinks about the woods nearby. But something comes out of them. It watches. It takes. It kills.

Michael is a teenager, enjoying his summer. His friends, his little sister, and his community feel the excitement building. That all changes in one night. The kidnappings… are back.

Uncaged Review: The first book wrote by this young author who is off to a promising start.

“She” is a old woman who takes kids every 20 years. Some describe her as a witch. Others look at her as a scary tale to tell the kids. If you see her you can bet your life she’s watching you. Life will never be the same again for a group of friends after they encounter She. I really enjoyed this book it wasn’t in your face horror, more psychological horror – the kind that gives you the creeps. I found myself wanting to find out even more history that concerns She. This book would make a great film or tv drama. Can’t wait until book 2 – this author is someone to keep a eye on.
Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars