Shadow Lord
Tony-Paul de Vissage
Dark Fantasy

While Humans multiply into Earth’s dominant life-form, the Tree of Man sprouts another prolific branch—the aventurieri, winged, nocturnal hunters with a dietary need for blood. As legends evolve about them, Mankind’s half-brothers live their twilight lives in the Carpathians’ shadowed heights, where they develop their own civilization, laws, and religion–and a prophecy of a savior paradoxically betraying his people
When one of their kind murders another, his son’s demand for revenge expels him into the outside world of 18th century Europe. Marek Strigoi’s existence, as well as that of his species, will be forever changed as he seeks his father’s killer.

When both the hunter and the hunted are vampires, not even Hell can stand in the way.

Uncaged Review: Marek Strigoi’s and his family are Aventurien Vampires. Who hide among society from the humans trying to blend in. Marek Strigoi’s father and mother are murdered by Mircea Ravagio. To make matters worse Mircea held Marek and his family hostage and kidnapped his baby sister and replaced her with a human baby girl. Marek and his family are hell bent on revenge and want to get their own sister back. So they began a plan to track down Mircea and his wife and kill them.

I feel a little unsure of this book as it had some interesting characters. There was some parts I loved of the book and I liked all the mischief Marek and his family get up to on their hunt for revenge. But other parts of the story were quite long and boring. I know this is just book one in what is to be a nine part series, featuring Marek and his family and their adventures. It also ended on a good cliffhanger but I’m not sure if I’m a fan just yet. Only time will tell. Some of you out there will love this type of book. Sexy Vampires set in the 1800s breaking women’s hearts and looking for fights. Reviewed by Jennifer

3 Stars