Sea of Darkness
Brown & Hamilton
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

An unexpected partnership changes everything

Sea Slayer Kelia Starling has grown up with one truth: Sea Shadows are vicious creatures that need to be eradicated. No exceptions. Not even for him.

The Society’s sole purpose is to protect the general population from supernatural monsters, and Kelia’s their top Slayer. But when her father is murdered and her handler insists it’s suicide, she starts to question whether The Society really has her best interests at heart.

Now, to solve her father’s death, Kelia must work with an unexpected ally: Drew Knight, an infamous Sea Shadow and the most beautiful creature Kelia has ever set eyes upon. A Sea Shadow who, without intending to, just may show her who the real enemy is…and it’ll only cost her one unnamed favor to be collected at a future date.

But after her affiliation with Drew Knight is discovered, Kelia is forced to choose between what she’s known since the beginning of her existence…or a dark, terrifying truth that puts her life at risk.

Uncaged Review: I’m a huge reader of the urban fantasy/paranormal genre. This is a good start to a new series. It wasn’t perfect and it has it’s issues, but it’s a good solid base that makes me want them to hurry the release of the second book, slated for August.

The good, the world building and the characters. I like Kelia, even though she has more growing up to do, in some ways, she’s beyond her years and others she is lacking. I loved Drew, he’s a strong character – and as Kelia learns, not the enemy she has been taught all her life to believe.

The bad – there was a lot of repetitive stuff going on. That happened more than a couple times, and mostly because I enjoyed the story as much as I did, I could overlook it. There also wasn’t much action, except in the first part of the book, so some of it got stiff and drawn out. And my last issue, is it’s billed as a romance, and although the groundwork was being laid in this first book, there isn’t much to speak of – but I hope that the authors have fixed it for the second book. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars