Elle Klass
Gothic Horror

This series spawned from the Ruthless Storm Trilogy

At five my parents died in a horrible car crash changing my life for the worst. I was thrust into a life I never expected and had to learn to adapt in order to survive, no matter the cost. Soon I was shuffled into the foster system becoming a lost child with no ties. My roommate and mortal enemy divulged a troubling rumor about my parents, forcing me to question everything I knew.

Even worse I realized I had a gift … or a curse that allowed me to see and interact in the spiritual realm. It was only a matter of time before I learned ghosts weren’t always trustworthy and some had hidden motives. They become part of my life; past, present and future. I no longer knew who to trust or who to run from.

All glitter and gold, married to a wealthy husband, I met my half-sister and thought my problems were over or at least the odds were looking better until their dirty little secrets spilled over into my life and well-being. They used my body to quell their insatiable need and performed a terrifying experiment on me — one that worked. I was impregnated with a child but not any child. Born of jealousy and hate he became a vicious serial killer and is remembered only with shudders of fear.

Enough was enough I planned my revenge against those who harmed me using my spiritual talent. It was all that I had and gave me an edge.

Will my plan work or will I forever live with the insidious actions of others?

This story contains mature content and is intended for audiences 18 and up.

Uncaged Review: Scarlett’s story is one filled with tragedy and sadness. After losing her parents in a car accident, she is raised in an orphanage where things aren’t easy for her. In addition to her hardships growing up, she also has the ability to both see and interact with ghosts. These ghosts however, are not always what they seem. In an attempt to not give away any of the story’s plot lines, I will say the ghost story aspect is unique and one that readers will find a bit different. Scarlett’s story follows her from a child, to adulthood. You witness her ups as well as her downs which helps you connect to the character. I felt myself riding the emotional train with her which is one of the reasons I loved this book. The author did a great job of pulling you in and keeping you interested in the story. I had no idea when I started reading that this was a companion series. This story has intrigued me and will be sending me in search of the original series. One thing readers must keep in mind however, this book contains dark materials such as rape, murder, and emotional traumas. It is not meant for the faint of heart. Scarlett’s tale is emotionally difficult to read but it is well worth it. Reviewed by Rena

4 Stars