Savage Betrayal
Emily Tyler

Princess Kendra, legitimate only daughter of the royal marriage, is destined to be Queen of Keswin but her twin, Kirra, covets the crown. Her lover, Lord Devon, also wants the crown and he seizes it with a bloody coup.

While fleeing to safety, Kendra saves and falls in love with a wounded soldier, Arlan, and when no noble will offer her marriage, she becomes determined to find a way to marry the man she loves.

But Kendra knows she must soon put their potential happiness aside and return and save her throne.

Uncaged Review: Kendra finds out some home truths about her family after her sister tells her of her motives for the crown.

A brutal attack by her own sister’s lover finds Kendra
on the run. I felt this book was very action packed and full of surprises for the reader. A good start to the series and looking forward to reading book two. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars