Samirene and Jerod’s Mountain Lion
Wanda A. Wallace
Historical Western Romance

Samirene, namesake to Jerod’s father, finally meets Sam’s son in 1866 and the avid ranchers form a special bond, as a mountain lion and its prey take center stage in a struggle with hostile intruders. Humor abounds as tense moments unfold into a future quite different from what most imagined.

Uncaged Review: This book reminded me of the western TV shows of old, Bonanza, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie all wrapped up in one. Samirene Ember and her mother Irene, both take care of their homestead, and do quite a nice job of it. Samirene was named after her mother, and the man who helped bring her into the world. With Samirene’s father off on a business trip, Irene goes into labor early, and having a tough time of it. A distant neighbor, Sam, is going by the homestead and hears her cries. Helping to deliver the new daughter, Irene names her after him. Over the years, they have become old friends. Now Samirene and her mother are alone on their ranch, with the death of her father. Samirene is a very capable woman that has an affinity towards animals and ranching.
When Sam is about to travel on a business trip, his wife and him devise a plan, to take their son Jerod with him, and have him stay and help out at the Ember’s ranch for a week, hoping to set him up with Samirene.
This is a sweet romantic story, and although some of it is a bit hokey, it’s a nice clean read. The writing and the language will pull you right into the Ingall’s home from Little House on the Prairie. There is some danger, although it’s a bit short lived and a bit fantastical, but there are many instances that make you smile. A mountain lion inadvertently brings them together in a strange way, but it’s a nice afternoon diversion. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars