Brian Rella

From the scorched wastelands of the Second Death a menacing demon overlord rises with the help of a teenage girl.

Trapped in an abusive home Jessie is seduced by the overlord’s power and unleashes his demon servant, Arraziel, to take revenge on her tormentors. Now corrupt by the dark overlord and with the power of Arraziel at her command Jessie begins a spellbinding journey down a path of black magic and evil.

Uncaged Review: This is a short prequel novella that introduces you to the main characters for The Second Death series. In this series, the Fallen are demons that are locked away in a realm, with Watchers keeping watch over the books that can set them free. Jessie, a 14 yr. old girl, whose family is in a downward spiral since the death of her father, can see no way out of a future step family who are abusive and freeloaders. When Jessie meets Olga, and her book store and finds the book Arraziel…things begin to change for Jessie.

I liked the originality and the storyline, and this gives you a good insight of what the story will be. Some things could be better fleshed out, but overall it’s a good prequel. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars