Rebecca Massey McTavish
Contemporary Romance

Pediatrician Isabella Máres splits her time between Washington, D.C., and Peru, dedicating herself to other people’s children. 

Marine vet Hunter Lamar promotes small businesses in developing South American nations after snubbing his family’s fortune.As teenagers, Isabella and Hunter Lamar shared the love of a lifetime. But he was the son of a Texas oil baron and she was the daughter of an immigrant Mexican horse trainer. 

Lies told by both families separated them. Isabella disappeared from Hunter’s life without a trace, and Hunter left her with a broken heart and a baby he knew nothing about. Pregnant, uneducated, and alone, Isabella made the heart-wrenching decision to give up their child for adoption.

Now, fifteen years later, a chance encounter with Hunter enables them to forge a fragile new bond. Will Isabella’s secret destroy this new beginning? But by not telling him, she will betray the only man she has ever loved. 

Is there any hope for a future together after all the lies and deception that tore them apart?

Uncaged Review: A romance featuring childhood sweethearts Isabella and Hunter. who had the perfect relationship until life and family got in the way. There was times in this book were i was annoyed by Isabella and Hunters family. Others were i felt like crying for the couple. In a time were even today’s issues over race and money are still highly common problems. I think this book will speak to a wide variety of people as it’s quite a emotional but great read. I look forward to reading more book’s by this author. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars