Heather Hildenbrand

After a lifetime as a badass who takes no crap, Sam Knight is afraid of everything. It’s like she woke up one day and boom. She’s just . . . different.

In a tiny seaside town, Sam learns to cope with her new “normal” only to discover normal isn’t really on the table. Not when monsters lurk in the shadows and something’s following her home at night. Something not human.

After she witnesses the impossible, Sam’s not sure whether she’s crazy or just a magnet for danger. Either way, when it comes to attraction, there’s nothing stronger than what she feels for her new protector.

Alex Channing is a hunter. A supernatural assassin who’s spent his life training to know what’s waiting around the corner. But even his killer instincts can’t prepare him for Sam—or what’s hunting her. As his feelings for Sam grow, so does his guilt. This is one secret hell-bent on destroying its keepers.

Uncaged Review: In a supernatural world, Sam has lost her memories of a night 2 years ago, and since then she has bouts of times she doesn’t remember what happens. Afraid of almost everything, she tries to keep a low profile and works at a store called Oracle, selling metaphysical herbs and goods. The store is owned by a true oracle, but Sam doesn’t believe in any of it. She has no idea that she’s been stalked, until she runs into Alex. Alex is a Hunter, who takes out feral werewolves and is actually sick from a werewolf bite. With venom running through his veins, he’s losing strength and time, without a cure to be found.

When Sam finally learns of the dangerous world she lives in, it will finally come down to her remembering what happened that night two years ago, but will it cure Alex or will it piece her back together again? I’m not telling, but this is a well written story with a couple good twists I didn’t see coming. This is a six book series, and all of them are released. Plenty of action, some suspense and some sweet moments. Well worth the time. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars