Ravenwood Academy: Wolf Moon
Lena Mae Hill

All Timberlyn wants is to get out of her small town, where she’s branded a freak just because she happens to wear all black and draw gruesome monsters in her notebooks.

When a letter arrives saying she’s been accepted to the mysterious Ravenwood Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted, she jumps at the chance. Never mind that she’s not sure what she’s supposedly gifted at, or the fact that she doesn’t remember actually applying there.

When she arrives, the school seems like a dream full of beautiful people ready to befriend her. There’s only one problem with Ravenwood: it’s run by Alarick Wolf and his brothers, three surly, thuggish, insanely gorgeous guys. Timberlyn’s new friends give strict instructions to stay far away from them.

Unfortunately, she’s not good at taking orders.

When girls at the school begin disappearing, Timberlyn refuses to maintain the status quo. She’s sure Alarick and the Wolf boys are up to something, and if she has to, she’ll take them down herself.

That is, if they don’t take her down first.

Uncaged Review: Timberlyn gets a mysterious acceptance into a school for gifted people. Being an outcast and never fitting in, she jumps at the chance, giving her a great way to start over in a new school and spend time with her grandmother who lives close. This book lays the groundwork, and does the world building, so it’s a tad slow at times as you start out, but the book definitely picks up speed. When girls start disappearing, Timberlyn can’t stop herself from trying to find out why.

I really grew to like these characters – and the book had a few surprises of its own that you get toward the end of the book, even though I think I left off with more questions, a few things were answered at the end. I may have rated this higher but for the horrible cliff hanger – and it’s a doozy. But will I read the next one? Yep, call me masochistic. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars