Rangers of the Rift
River K. Scott

I didn’t choose this life. But I sure as hell choose who I fight for.

For fans of The Mortal Instruments, Ninth House, and Slayer comes an unputdownable contemporary fantasy, the first book in an epic, three-season series, about a world threatened by forgotten magic and a girl forged by dark power; her memories hold the key to not only her own survival, but the fate of all the living and the dead.

Emily Mars has one duty: ferry lost souls trapped in purgatory to whatever lies beyond. If that means falling behind at school, loving a boy she can’t have, and watching friends go to college while she stays behind, then so be it.

Because being a Ranger also means that when all hell breaks loose—like actual hell, actually coming through, with demons and ghosts and everything creepy—it’s her job to stop it.

But the shatter hits without warning, releasing fire and fiend. And with the shatter comes a curse and a kidnapping, and soon Emily must harness all her strength, risk everything she holds dear and break every oath, to save the boy she loves.

This book by River K. Scott encompasses the first season which are 4 episodes of the series, Rangers of the Rift. Each book is considered one episode, and this book contains the first four. This is well executed series, with an intricate storyline and the action and tension builds on each episode. The first two episodes are more novella length, but they work well here. These stories have enough twists to keep you guessing and the storyline is an intricate dance of suspense, danger and even straddles the occult/horror line. Emily is a Ranger, who needs to ferry souls to cross over before they become dark and violent.

A bit of caution, the second episode contains a school shooting, and the author does not bail out on the violence and each episode gets better and better as the story ramps up. You will see growth in Emily and Tad. This box set features all of season one, and wraps up season one nicely. Plan on continuing to season two, it’s hard to put down. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars