Raking the Ashes
Kait Gamble
Contemporary Romance

Tamara Roberts only wanted to live her life and write her novels. After living hard and fast in her youth, life now happens almost exclusively on the page for Tamara. Her carefully constructed life is torn apart when her long estranged husband makes an appearance on her doorstep looking too sexy for comfort.

Peter Worthington has one request before they part ways for good—that Tamara comes to make peace with his dying father. But the simple request comes with a huge tangle of complications. He never expected devastating revelations to be uncovered or for the chemistry between them to still be explosive.

But will the truth bring them back together or tear them apart?

Uncaged Review: This is one of those books that drew me in, and that is normally not what I do with contemporary romances, but I really enjoyed this book. Tamara is an author with a past…a past that includes a husband she is still married to but hasn’t seen in years. When he walks back into her life, all the old feelings of hurt threaten to pull her down. And almost as soon as I read that, I decided I was not putting down this book until I found out what happened. When the truth does come out, will it matter, or has too much time passed to make it right?

The author kept a good pace without bogging down the story. I liked the fact that she let the characters play out naturally and didn’t force them too quickly or hurry any of the story. Definitely an entertaining read that will quench your romance urges. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars