Quiet Vapor
K.E. Landry

Two will live. One may die.In a world where the State controls what you eat, where you live, and when you die, three students are about to find out just how far that goes.When Bree Carter finds out the ordinary school project she’s been working on will determine her work assignment for the rest of her life, she immediately tells her project group. They must make a choice: tell the rest of the class, even the school bully who doesn’t deserve to know, or use the knowledge to their own advantage.

They knew one project would determine the rest of their lives. They just didn’t know how.Bree and her team must face the consequences of their choices and their circumstances. Together, they must complete their project. Separately, they must learn how to survive.

Uncaged Review: This is a nice intro to a new Young Adult series that gives you a good feel for the world this author is building. It does not tell you enough about how the world came to be, but that will probably be better explored in the full length novels. What it does do, is give you a strong character lead in Bree, who is forced out of her own comfort zone to work within a group. Bree is also a champion of students that are relentlessly bullied.
Secondary characters are well flushed out, and the novella does it’s job to interest the reader in reading more. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars