Queen of Swords
L.A. McGinnis
Fantasy Romance

Monsters killed my family, so I came back for revenge.

Chicago was supposed to be a fun vacation—and it was—until my family was slaughtered by demons. Now I’m caught in a war between immortals tasked to save our planet, and a dark primordial god intent on destroying it.

I may be mortal, and I might be in over my head, but that’s never stopped me before.

I’ll show these demons who to fear on the streets of Chicago. Blood will flow, and I’ll only be satisfied once they’ve been sent back to hell.

Except that’s kind of the problem.

Turns out, the Queen of the Dead’s been hunting me for years.

And she’s finally found me.

Uncaged Review: So the reason I picked up this book, is that I got the fourth book in the series as part of a larger author promotion and review request, and I’m one of those people that really hate reading out of order on a series. So I went back to start at book one as it sounded pretty interesting to me. And I’m so glad I did. All the Norse gods are here, and this book is focusing on Loki. The gods have been banished to Earth, fighting off the demons that plague the planet every night that humans can’t see. Well, except one human – Morgane. Morgane lost her parents and her sister, and can see the monsters – so she trains and goes out hunting the creatures that took her family. When one particular night goes bad, Loki is there and is drawn to her and takes her back to Mir – for healing. And this is when the book hits yet another gear.

They will need to go back to the Underworld, to face Hel, Loki’s evil daughter – and it’s non-stop. There is romance, humor and the age old fight of good vs. evil. Hard to put down once you get going. Looking forward to book two. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

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