October Daffodil
Richard Malloy

Every autumn after the first frost, hundreds of resplendent daffodils bloom behind the old gristmill. Teens Dick Ladson and Callie Ewing will always remember the moonlit haven where they loved, hoped, and dreamt.

In October 1960, they defy Callie’s controlling mother, vowing to share a life together. “Let’s lie in the mill flowers ’til it’s time for you to go,” Callie whispers, her words garbled with sobs. They exchange poignant goodbyes, hoping his enlistment in the Army will provide the means for their marriage. As they face an uncertain future, will the strength of their love survive? 

Uncaged Review: This was such a beautiful story surrounded by two lovers who battle through life’s struggles to be together. I enjoyed the journey with Dick and Callie and was very much on edge with their journey. A beautiful love story set in the 60s where boy meets girl. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars