Never With a Rich Man
Tina Susedik
Romantic Suspense

Cassie Jordan has been lied to, cheated on, and passed over at her job. Married to a wealthy womanizer, Cassie finds out he has been cheating on her. After her divorce, Cassie decides the wealthy can’t be trusted and vows never to fall for a rich man or anyone she catches lying to her.

Hogan Winters is part owner of a family business and has the kind of money Cassie despises. He’s tired of women coming on to him because he’s rich. He decides to never tell a woman about his financial status until she gets to know him as a person. As an undercover FBI agent, he uses his knowledge of antiquities to find the people who are bringing stolen WWII artifacts into the country. Unfortunately, the woman he’s falling for is in the crosshairs of the FBI.

Can they work through their preconceived notions and find true love?

Uncaged Review: Cassie Jordan meets Hogan Wynters after he left his tennis shoes at her sisters, as Cassie is left to look after her sister’s kids for a weekend and Hogan and Cassie hit it off. The twist in the tale is Hogan works for FBI and is investigating her and her ex-husband who might be involved in stolen antiques and fraud. So it’s a race against the clock for Hogan to prove Cassie is innocent even as he’s falling for her.
The story was quite funny I liked when Cassie and Hogan are trying to be romantic and the kids get in the way as is always the way when the grown-ups try to have some fun. Also the ending was funny, I really enjoyed this some romance with light hearted humor. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars