Managed 4
Clarissa Carlyle
Rockstar Romance

As Autumn continues to lose control, will Jasper have the patience to want to stay by her side? Or will he try to win back Hailey’s attention? Will he have a chance of rekindling the flame that once burned bright with Hailey? Or will he discover that she had grown tired of waiting for him to make a decision and has moved forward with her life?

Uncaged Review: We finally made it. A conclusion to this 4 part story and it comes to an end, wrapping up the story line on a satisfying ending. Even despicable Matthew somewhat redeems himself. Now is the time to buy, all four parts are available, and you can read straight through. This was a hard fought battle for Hailey and Jasper, but it’s well worth the heartache to get to the end. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars